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Contract name: PancakeSwapLottery Contract address: 0x5aF6D33DE2ccEC94efb1bDF8f92Bd58085432d2c Random number generator address: 0x8c6375Aab6e5B26a30bF241EBBf29AD6e6c503c2 (Random number generator contract must be deployed first)

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The PancakeSwap Lottery V2 has been audited twice so far. View the results below:

Peckshield's Lottery V2 Audit

Slowmist's Lottery V2 Audit

Lottery Status states

The lottery has four Status states, Pending, Open, Close, and Claimable, that determine which actions can and cannot be taken at a given time.

Read/View functions


function viewCurrentLotteryId() external view override returns (uint256);

Returns the Id# of the current Lottery round as an integer. Round Id#s correlate to round number, and are incremental, e.g. the ninth round of Lottery will be 9.


function viewLottery(uint256 _lotteryId) external view returns (Lottery memory);

Returns information on specified Lottery round as tuple (see Lottery structure below).

        uint256 startTime;
        uint256 endTime;
        uint256 priceTicketInCake;
        uint256 discountDivisor;
        uint256[6] rewardsBreakdown; // 0: 1 matching number // 5: 6 matching numbers
        uint256 treasuryFee; // 500: 5% // 200: 2% // 50: 0.5%
        uint256[6] cakePerBracket;
        uint256[6] countWinnersPerBracket;
        uint256 firstTicketId;
        uint256 firstTicketIdNextLottery;
        uint256 amountCollectedInCake;
        uint32 finalNumber;


function viewNumbersAndStatusesForTicketIds(uint256[] calldata _ticketIds)
    returns (uint32[] memory, bool[] memory);

Returns the corresponding numbers and the statuses of ticketIds array of tickets defined by their ticketId.


function viewRewardsForTicketId(
    uint256 _lotteryId,
    uint256 _ticketId,
    uint32 _bracket;

Calculates rewards for a ticket after draw given the lotteryId, ticketId, and bracket. Filling and querying will provide a link to detailed price information on BscScan.


    function viewUserInfoForLottery(
        address _user,
        uint256 _lotteryId,
        uint256 _cursor,
        uint256 _size
        returns (
            uint256[] memory,
            uint32[] memory,
            bool[] memory,

Returns user lotteryTicketIds, ticketNumbers, and ticketStatuses of a user for a given Lottery (defined by lotteryID).


    function _calculateRewardsForTicketId(
        uint256 _lotteryId,
        uint256 _ticketId,
        uint32 _bracket
    ) internal view returns (uint256);

Calculates rewards for a ticket after draw given the lotteryId, ticketId, and bracket.


    function calculateTotalPriceForBulkTickets(
        uint256 _discountDivisor,
        uint256 _priceTicket,
        uint256 _numberTickets
    ) external pure returns (uint256);

Calculates the price for a set of tickets accounting for bulk discount.


Filling and querying will provide a link to detailed price information on BscScan.

Write functions (users)


function buyTickets(uint256 _lotteryId, uint32[] calldata _ticketNumbers) external override notContract nonReentrant;

Buy tickets for the current Open Lottery round (between 1 and 100 per purchase). Calculates the price per ticket using calculateTotalPriceForBulkTickets.


    function claimTickets(
        uint256 _lotteryId,
        uint256[] calldata _ticketIds,
        uint32[] calldata _brackets
    ) external override notContract nonReentrant;

Claim a set of winning tickets for a Claimable Lottery round. Checks lotteryId to determine if round is claimable, ownership of ticketId, eligibility of ticket (ticketId falls between firstTicketId and firstTicketIdNextLottery), and whether ticketId falls within eligible prize bracket (between 0 and 5).

Write functions (operator/admin)


function closeLottery(uint256 _lotteryId) external override onlyOperator;

Closes the Open Lottery to Close state. Emits LotteryClose event.


    function drawFinalNumberAndMakeLotteryClaimable(uint256 _lotteryId, bool _autoInjection) external override onlyOperator nonReentrant;

Lottery must be in Close state. Draws the final Lottery number for results from randomResult, calculates the rewards for brackets after accounting for treasury fee, makes Lottery state Claimable, and transfers treasury fee to treasury address.


    function changeRandomGenerator(address _randomGeneratorAddress) external onlyOwner;

Changes the random number generator contract address. Lottery must be Claimable.


function injectFunds(uint256 _lotteryId, uint256 _amount) external override onlyOwner;

Inject funds into a Lottery. Lottery must be Open.


    function startLottery(
        uint256 _endTime,
        uint256 _priceTicketInCake,
        uint256 _discountDivisor,
        uint256[6] calldata _rewardsBreakdown,
        uint256 _treasuryFee
    ) external override onlyOperator;

Starts the Lottery, setting it to Open state. Status must be Claimable.


function recoverWrongTokens(address _tokenAddress, uint256 _tokenAmount) external onlyOwner;

Allows admin to recover incorrect tokens sent to address mistakenly. Cannot be CAKE tokens.


function recoverWrongTokens(address _tokenAddress, uint256 _tokenAmount) external onlyOwner;

Allows admin to set upper and lower limit of ticket price in CAKE value. Minimum price must be lower than maximum price.


function setMaxNumberTicketsPerBuy(uint256 _maxNumberTicketsPerBuy) external onlyOwner;

Set max number of tickets purchasable at a time (presently 100). Max number of tickets must be higher than 0.


function setOperatorAndTreasuryAddresses(address _operatorAddress, address _treasuryAddress) external onlyOwner;

Sets the address of the Lottery operator.

Events (User)


TicketsPurchase(address indexed buyer, uint256 indexed lotteryId, uint256 numberTickets);

Lottery tickets are purchased.

Emitter: buyTickets go to buyTickets


TicketsClaim(address indexed claimer, uint256 amount, uint256 indexed lotteryId, uint256 numberTickets);

Lottery tickets are claimed post-draw.

Emitter: claimTickets go to claimTickets

Events (admin)


AdminTokenRecovery(address token, uint256 amount);

Admin recovers incorrect tokens from Lottery address.

Emitter: recoverWrongTokens go to recoverWrongTokens


LotteryClose(uint256 indexed lotteryId, uint256 firstTicketIdNextLottery);

The Lottery is closed. lotteryId is indexed and firstTicketIdNextLottery is determined by currentTicketId.

Emitter: closeLottery go to closeLottery


LotteryInjection(uint256 indexed lotteryId, uint256 amount);

Funds are injected into Lottery.

Emitter: injectFunds go to injectFunds


        uint256 indexed lotteryId,
        uint256 startTime,
        uint256 endTime,
        uint256 priceTicketInCake,
        uint256 firstTicketId

The Lottery is opened. firstTicketId is set from currentTicketId,

Emitter: startLottery go to startLottery


LotteryNumberDrawn(uint256 indexed lotteryId, uint256 finalNumber, uint256 countWinningTickets);

Lottery numbers are drawn for Lottery round.

Emitter: drawFinalNumberAndMakeLotteryClaimable go to drawFinalNumberAndMakeLotteryClaimable


NewOperatorAndTreasuryAndInjectorAddresses(address operator, address treasury);

New operator address is set.

Emitter: setOperatorAndTreasuryAndInjectorAddresses go to setOperatorAndTreasuryAndInjectorAddresses


NewRandomGenerator(address indexed randomGenerator);

New random number generator address is set.

Emitter: changeRandomGenerator go to changeRandomGenerator

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