Governance & Tokenomics

PaySwap tokens are called Free Tokens because their main goal is to bring about a world of abundance where everything is free or at the very least dirt cheap.

There are 12 Free Tokens (one for each workspace).


Free Tokens are minted or burnt every week. They are minted if the volume of transactions on the marketplaces (CanCan, eCollectibles, Paywalls, etc.) at the end of the current week is higher than that of the previous week and they are burnt if it's the other way around.

The amount of tokens minted or burnt is the delta between the volume of transactions at the end of the current week and that of the previous week.

Distribution & Tokenomics

Free Tokens are distributed only to the actors that make the PaySwap ecosystem grow and that is all businesses listed in the following contracts: Accelerator, Businesses, Referrals, Contributors

Suppose the growth delta between this week and last week is 1000,000 Free Tokens.

1% of that goes to the team

9% of that goes to the burn treasury so we have enough tokens to burn in case of market decline

If the activities in the Accelerator is responsible for 25% of that, then 225,000 Free Tokens are sent to the Accelerator contract and distributed to the businesses there with respect to the amount of votes they've received from the community. The same goes for the three contracts.

This is done for each of the 12 Free Tokens every week.

In case there are a lot of tokens not burnt due to extraordinary growth, members of the Free Tokens communities in their respective Leviathans will get to vote on whether to transfer the tokens from the burn treasury over to them. The burn treasury like previously stated takes 9% of all emissions in periods of growth to burn in periods of decline.


Each Free Token can be used for vote in the Leviathans, the Stakemarket, the TrustBounties and the Valuepools. You can read more about each one of those on the pages below:


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