Valuepools are just like Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) with a few additional features:

  • An NFT token

  • Sponsorships

  • Shopping/BNPL

  • Loans/Investments

An NFT Token

Each valuepool mints a new NFT token to users that deposit funds in it. That NFT is a way through which members of a valuepool can interact with it; they can also be used as membership cards to social circles reserved to members of the valuepool or as a status symbol depending on the eliteness of the valuepool.Whenever a user wishes to leave a valuepool, he/she can resell that NFT on the secondary market.

Not all NFT tokens are created equal and they are classified on the basis of their general weight or their percentile level.

The general weight of a valuepool's NFT is computed with respect to the number of tokens locked under it and the lock duration such that the more tokens locked under an NFT, the more weight it has and the more remaining lock duration for an NFT, the more weight it has.

The percentile level of a valuepool's NFT is the percentage of other NFTs from the valuepool that have less tokens locked under them. For instance, an NFT in the 80th percentile has more tokens locked in the valuepool under it than 80% of the valuepool's NFTs.

Some valuepools might weigh votes from an NFT holder with respect to the NFT's percentile level or general weight in the valuepool and others might weigh the votes the same and count one vote per voter no matter the weight or percentile level of that voter's NFT.


Valuepools enable sponsors to advertise on their NFT tokens for a fee which is shared amongst the members of the Valuepool or used to fund the members depending on how the Valuepool is set up. This is the main way Valuepools make money; it is also an extraordinary way for businesses to put their products in front of a specific demographic of users that are heavily incentivized to buy them.

Suppose you have a valuepool where people that work in tech are pooling resources together towards a common purpose of FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early). A company that sells laptops might want to advertise to users in that valuepool. To do so, the company will sponsor the valuepool and place an ad for its laptops in front of the valuepool's members. Whenever a member of the valuepool would want to buy a laptop(which is very likely since the members of the valuepool work in tech), they would basically have to choose between buying a laptop from a non sponsor of their valuepool or a company that is actively sponsoring their valuepool (and helping it achieve its FIRE purpose which is very dear to each of the valuepool's members). Not only that, they will also get to redeem extra credits from the valuepool if they buy from a sponsor which means that would get to achieve their FIRE purpose faster. In such a scenario, it seems very likely the valuepool members will pick to buy from a sponsor every single time. This makes valuepools a very effective marketing tool


Funds in a valuepool can come from sponsors, donations, investment returns, loan interests or in some cases members' deposits.

Valuepools can let their members use their fund to make purchases on various marketplaces: CanCan, eCollectibles, Paywall, Lotteries, Bettings, Games, etc.

BNPL Valuepools will require their members to reimburse part/all of the funds they've been given access to.


Valuepools can also decide through a voting mechanism to lend money to businesses/users or to send part of their treasury to investors who will invest it and deposit the profits back into the treasury.

Valuepools can be a very effective way for users to invest together and compete with the biggest VCs in a very transparant and democratic way.

Deploying Your Valuepool

  • Go to the valuepools' page, pick a token for your valuepool and click on the Deploy Valuepool button

  • Fill in the form and validate the transaction. Make sure to read the description of each parameter

  • Tick the Mine Only button to only show your valuepools (this will help find the recently deployed valuepool faster). If you cannot find your valuepool, reload the page and try again.

  • The next step is to through the wizard at the right side of your valuepool's panel, enable the necessary tokens and initialize you valuepool's NFT token' name, symbol and decimals

Congratulations! You have successfully deployed and set up your first valuepool.

Updating Voting Parameters

After deploying and setting up your valuepool, the next step is to update your valuepool's voting parmeters. Go to your valuepool's control panel menu and click on the Update Voting Parameters button. Read each parameter's description, fill in and validate the transaction

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