🏦The Money Bank

The bank to replace them all

What is It ?

The money bank is multiple banks in one. It is one valuepool where users deposit and withdraw money. It functions just like a normal bank but is decentralized.

Any banker can apply to become a banker in the money bank by creating a proposal through the money bank's valuepool.

The bank accepts applications from various types of bankers:

  • those that specialize in banking/lending to big enterprises

  • those that specialize in banking/lending to SMEs

  • those that specialize in banking/lending to startups

  • those that specialize in banking/lending to low-income individuals

  • those that specialize in banking/lending to kids

  • those that specialize in banking/lending to women

  • those that specialize in banking/lending to gig workers

  • those that specialize in banking/lending to creators

  • those that specialize in investing on behalf of the bank

  • those that operate as a central bank for free tokens and specialize in controlling the supply of free tokens in circulation by either withdrawing free tokens from the money bank into the marketplace or by withdrawing FIAT tokens from the money bank to purchase free tokens off of the marketplace into the money bank.

  • etc.

Normally, the less crowded (by other bankers) the niche you are applying to cater to, the more chances you have to be approved as a banker.

When you are approved, you can start banking clients from your niche. To enable users to discover you more easily, you need to partner with the money bank's CanCan channel and post a product that will enable users to book consultations or order services from you.

Bankers can withdraw funds necessary to satisfy users' withdrawals in case of a bank run.

Why A Money Bank ?

The money bank has four main goals:

  • Finance the respective projects of the Leviathans

  • Keep Free Tokens stable

  • Provide liquidity in the world of cryptocurrencies

  • Provide a better, less greedy, and more transparent alternative to current banks

Financing Leviathans' Projects

To achieve their honorable mission of providing abundance to the world, Leviathans will need as much financing and loans as possible. The money bank eases their burden by providing financing for their projects through its bankers.

Keeping Free Tokens Stable

Bankers are expected to buy, hold or sell Free Tokens on the market as needed to maintain their prices or at the very least, prevent them from being subject to too high of an inflation or a deflation.

Providing Liquidity

It is still difficult nowadays to transfer value on and off blockchains without going through a bank. This bank aims to change that by building as many ATMs and reverse ATMs around the world as possible that will enable users to transfer their cash/cryptocurrencies to/from the blockchain directly without going through an actual bank.

Being A Better Bank

Banks when they are small lack liquidity and when they are big can become too big to fail, requiring tax payers, often times to bail them out when they mess up.

The money bank by enabling various types of bankers, access to its liquidity, can be seen as multiple small banks in one since each banker is independent of the other. This solves the issue of small banks' lack of access to liquidity. Imagine a JP-Morgan with the focus of a small bank or a small bank with the liquidity of a JP-Morgan. That's what the money bank aims to become.

All operations of the money bank are transparent and the money approved for all bankers is approved through a vote of clients of the money bank. This will prevent the money bank from taking too much risks and having to be bailed out.


Bankers interface with their clients and the money bank through a Bill contract they've deployed which enable them to bank their users in any token they or their clients wish.

At the end of each week, each banker sends 90% of customers' deposits into the money bank so it can be invested or lent. The money bank functions like a regular bank but with complete transparency. The assumption is that 10% of customers' deposits will be sufficient to facilitate all withdrawal operations.

Bankers use Bill contracts to facilitate deposits/withdrawals and ARP contracts to facilitate loans.

Why Join The Money Bank ?

Here are some reasons why you should join the money bank:

  • you can bank with bankers that specialize to your specific demographic

  • you can bank with the convenience of the blockchain i.e. you will maintain the same level of access to your funds no matter the country you're in and the bank cannot seize your funds

  • you can escape inflation by banking in Free Tokens (since our bankers will do their best to prevent inflation on Free Tokens)

  • you can support the Leviathans

  • you can build your credit and get loans (bankers will use your weight and percentile in the money bank's valuepool to evaluate your creditworthiness)

  • you can see in real-time what the bank is doing with your money

  • you can help advance the mission of building enough ATMs and reverse ATMs around the world to directly link tradFi and Defi

  • etc.

How To Join ?

To join the money bank, you would have to create an account in its valuepool, this will enable you to vote on proposals submitted to the bank like investment proposals, etc.

To do so, go to the money bank's CanCan channel, and under the Contracts tab, click on the Valuepools tab.

You should see the money bank's valuepool listed under that tab. To create an account in it, follow the instructions on the page below:

Minting An NFT Token

The next step is to pick a banker from the money bank's approved bankers (you can find our approved bankers from the partners' section of the money bank's CanCan channel) and apply for an account with that banker.

From your account, you will be able to deposit/withdraw funds to/from the money bank.

Congratulations! You now have a voice to vote on the money bank's proposals as well as an account to deposit your funds into the bank.

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