Automatic Ramps

Automatic Ramps enable you to add information from a tradFi payment processor (like Stripe, Paypal, etc) in order for users to be able mint/burn tFIAT tokens permissionlessly.

PaySwap currently only supports direct integration with Stripe but we plan on adding other payment processors in the future.

In the meantime, you can still process payments from users who want to pay through other means than their cards by adding multiple payment methods to your Stripe account. You can add PayPal as a payment method on your Stripe account as well as Google Pay, Apple Pay, WeChat, etc.

This basically means that you can have an automatic ramp set-up that enables users to send funds over through any of those payment methods by integrating your Stripe account with PaySwap and then adding those payment methods to your Stripe account.

How to Setup an Automatic Ramp?

  • After deploying your ramp, find your ramp by clicking the Mine Only button in order to only list ramps that you've deployed. If you still can't find your ramp, reload the page and click Mine Only again

  • Click the Details arrow to reveal the details panel of your ramp

  • Click the Control Panel button in the details panel of your ramp to reveal its menu

  • In the Control Panel's Menu, find and click on the Update Ramp Info button.

  • Each parameter has a help icon with a detailed description of the parameter. Read the description and input the right value for the parameter. You secret keys are confidentially and will be stored in an encrypted format. That information is used to call your payment processor's API in order to execute mint/burn operations run by users.

  • Validate the form and confirm the transaction

Congratulations! Your Ramp is now automatic and capable of permissionlessly mint/burn tFIAT tokens for users of the platform.

With automatic ramps, your ramp will be making money for you without you needing to do anything but set it up and take your revenue once it's been made

As can be seen from the parameters' section in the image above, our ramp has generated a total revenue of 3 EUR and we can claim our revenue by clicking on the Control Panel button and then on the Claim Revenue button, input your bounty ID, and validate the operation.

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