Selling Shares In An Asset

You can tokenize Real World Assets (RWA) in the form of Bill contracts in order to sell shares in them or use them as collaterals for borrowing.

Once you have an auditor tokenize your RWA as an Bill contract, you can add an application link to the Bill to have interested parties apply with their terms in a form of auction.

You can use this method to:

  • borrow money from one or multiple parties

  • sell shares in your RWA

  • sell the totality of your RWA

Make sure you've added in your contract's description what users should apply for and what your purpose was for tokenizing the RWA.

Bill tokenizations work just the same as NFT tokenizations. You would have to sign your RWA property rights over to a trusted party and can only get them signed over to you if you can present the same Bill contract with no liability (no pending debt, etc.)

The reason you might choose to use Bill contracts instead of ARPs or NFTs is to have more flexibility with the amount of payments.

If you borrowed money for instance and want to be able to setup a contract where you will be able to reimburse at predefined periods of time but with no constraint on the amount of each reimbursement, you're better off using a Bill contract to tokenize your RWA

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