Manual Ramps

Manual Ramps enable you to process users' mint/burn operations using any payment method you wish: cash, mobile money, Western Union, bank transfers, etc.

You might even add additional services like processing transfers for users, paying their tuition, etc.

How to Setup a Manual Ramp?

  • After deploying your ramp, find your ramp by clicking the Mine Only button in order to only list the ramps that you've deployed. If you still can't find your ramp, reload the page and click Mine Only again

  • Click the Details arrow to reveal the details panel of your ramp

  • You should see something similar to what you have in the image below. Click on the Switch To Manual Ramp button

  • You should have the form below pop up

  • Each parameter has a help icon with a detailed description of the parameter. Read the description and input the right value for the parameter. Set the Automatic parameter to No

  • Validate the form and confirm the transaction

Your ramp will no longer be available under the Automatic tab after the last operation, click the Manual tab to see the list of manual ramps, then on the Mine Only button to only show your manual ramps

  • The next step is to update your ramp's description. In the control panel menu of your ramp, find and click on the Update Ramp Info button.

  • Update the Description parameter to guidelines on how users should proceed to request mint/burn operations. Your description is shown at the top left of your ramp's panel. Also, make sure you have created a profile and inputted its ID in the appropriate field before validating the form.

Congratulations! Your Ramp is now manual and capable of minting/burning tFIAT tokens for users of the platform provided those operations are run by an admin.

Contrary to an automatic ramp which will let users mint/burn their own tokens, manual ramps' mint/burn operations have to be run by an admin of the ramp.

Once users request for a mint/burn operation through the channel you've provided in the description of your ramp, an admin of the ramp would have to run those operations and send the funds to the user.

How to Add/Remove an Admin

To add/remove an admin to/from your ramp, go to your ramp's control panel menu and click on the Update Admin button

Input the address of the wallet you would like to add/remove, pick whether to add/remove it as admin, and validate the operation.

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