Collateralized Loans

TrustBounties with locked collaterals can be attached to stakes and loans can be made through the stakes such that whenever the owner of the stake with the collateral defaults on the loan, that collateral can be rightfully attacked and claimed by the lender.

Here is a step-by-step guide to requesting for a collateralized loan:

  • You first need to create a trustBounty and add a collateral to it. You can read a guide to doing that on the page below if your collateral is a fungible token:

FT Bounties

and on the page below if your collateral is a non fungible token:

NFT Bounties
  • The step after that is to create your stake, update its terms and location tags (if necessary) which there is a guide to do on the page below:

Call For Tenders

Make sure that when running the Update Requirements function in the guide above, you enter the ID of the trustBounty created above for the Bounty ID parameter

  • The next step is to way for applications from lenders. Make sure you understand the terms of an application before accepting it.

Congratulations! You now know how to create a collateralized loan. Some channels on CanCan specialize in that specifically and listing your stake on those channels might help you find a lender much faster.

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