Self Sovereign Identity

The SSI system enables you to create data stored in encrypted format on the blockchain.

You need credible auditors to create your data, make sure your auditor is at least of color: Brown

You can learn more about auditor colors on the page below:


Once an auditor creates data for you, you can start sharing it with various entities.

You can tokenize each piece of data created for you and use that token (which we call an Identity Token) for identity verifications in various products like the marketplaces, Lotteries, Betting, etc.

You can also generate a new data from an existing one and tokenize the new data. For instance if an auditor creates data about your age, which we suppose is 22. You can generate new data from that data which can be something like: age greater than 18 and tokenize the newly generated data.

So instead of revealing your actual age, your identity token will just reveal a characteristic about your age which will probably be useful for more age verifications.

Before you can get started with the SSI system, you need to create your SSI account by generating a pair of public/private keys:

  • Go to the SSI page and connect your wallet

  • Click on the Create Keys button and follow the instructions on the page to setup your SSI account

  • The next step is to go to the auditors' page to find one that creates the type of data you wish to create and apply for an account. To apply for an account, go to the auditor contract's control panel menu, the first button should be a link to the auditor's application page

Get further support from the community here.

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