How to take part in the weekly protocol revenue sharing

The contributors' contract receives a certain number of weekly emissions from the minter. The total number of tokens sent to the contributors' contract depends on how many votes have been made during the week to contributors in the contributors' contract.

The tokens sent to the contributors' contract are distributed amongst contributors with respect to how many votes they get.

To get votes, contributors help businesses on our marketplaces out with various gigs: customer support, business onboarding, extension building, virtual try-on tech for apparel merchants, virtual measurement tech for tailors, etc.

Anything that can help businesses out on the platform like starting a social media channel or newsletter to keep users up to date about what is going on in the PaySwap ecosystem or what types of businesses have launched on the platform, launching a different web/mobile app for PaySwap - one more customized to a specific type of business/use-case for instance, etc.

This can be a great way for open-source projects to get some funding by helping businesses on the platform understand and use their products or by building software specifically for PaySwap businesses.

The more a contributor helps businesses out on the platform, the more votes he/she can receive from them (or from the community) in the contributors' contract, and the bigger their share of the weekly emissions.

To deploy your contributor gauge, go to the Contributors' page and click on the Deploy Contributor button. Fill in and validate the form that pops up

You should be able to visualize your new Contributor on the page by ticking the Mine Only option. If you can't, reload the page and try again.

To Leave a description of how you help businesses on the platform, click on the Open Pitch button and follow the steps on the page below:


You can also read the section about adding bribes and follow the same process to add bribes to your Contributor to incentivize users to vote for it.

How To Vote For A Contributor

The first step is to find the contributor on the Contributors' page, expand its panel and click on the Open Pitch button

You will be sent to a voting page where you can pick to like/dislike the contributor

Get further support from the community here.

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