Green Worlds


Why Green Worlds?

The goal of green worlds is to incentivize business and/or people to participate in cleaning the planet and stop climate change.

A business doing anything to clean the planet (like planting trees, preventing deforestation, cleaning public places, cleaning oceans, etc.) can deploy a green world and publish its activities on its CanCan channel so that users can vote for it. Once the likes of the business' world are high enough, it can mint GW Codes.

GW Codes can be seen as trophees to reward actors that fight climate change. Once minted, a business' GW Codes can be put behind a paywall that members of the community will subscribe to in oder to help the business fight climate change.

Businesses with GW Codes can also get carbon credits certificates from auditors that specialize in climate change so users that subscribe to their paywalls know exactly how much carbon credits they are helping generate.

If you subscribe to the paywall of a business that has GW Codes and that removes 1 million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere every year, and you are one of a thousand subscribers to the business' paywall, you are responsible for removing 1000 tonnes of carbon per year and you can get a trusted auditor in the carbon credits industry to deliver you a certificate for that.

Green worlds do not limit themselves to climate change though, they can also be minted by businesses that clean public places, clean water, etc.

How To Deploy A Green World?

  • The first step is to deploy a world contract. The page below provides a guide to doing that:

  • The next step is to update your world contract's category to green. In your world contract's panel, click on the Control Panel button

    • In the control panel menu, click on the Update Category button, pick the Green option and validate the transaction

    • You should see the category of your world contract update to Green.

    • The step after that is to publish proofs of your activities on your CanCan channel so users can start voting for your world contract.

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