Memberships enable you to receive updates and promotions from channels through email.

You can setup your channel to allow permissionless memberships which will enable any other channel to directly register to your channel.

You can also setup your channel to not allow permissionless memberships which will create a membership request every time a user runs the membership function of your channel.

Setting Up Permissioned Memberships

  • From your channel's main page click on the Settings button

  • Now click on the Modify Collection button and at the very bottom of the form that opens up, pick Yes for the User Permission Required field.

  • You can also update the User Minimum Bounty parameter if you want to require people registering to your channel to have a trustBounty with a certain minimum balance attached to it. Leave it a 0 if that's not the case and validate the form.

Your channel will now create a membership request every time a user will want to register to your channel instead of just directly accepting the user's channel as a member.

Registering To A Channel

Here is a step by step guide to registering to a channel:

  • Go to the main page of the channel you want partner with

  • Click on the Register button, fill in the form with the appropriate information (hovering over the help icon will provide with a description of each parameter) and validate the form

  • If the channel allows permissionless memberships, you will instantly be listed as a member of the channel. You can view your channel by going under the members tab next to the partners tab (the one represented by the icon of two hands shaking) on your main page. If you cannot find your channel, make sure to reload the page.

  • If the channel does not allow permissionless memberships, a request will be sent to the channel admin under the Requests tab which he/she can approve or reject. In case your request is approved, you will be able to see your channel displayed just like in the image above

Congratulations! You have successfully registered to a channel. Now all users of the channel will be able to view your channel and possibly contact you for networking purposes if you put your contact information on your channel.

Accepting Membership Requests

In case your channel does not accept permissionless memberships, after a user completes the previous step to register to your channel, you will receive a membership request under the Requests tab on your channel's main page like in the image below:

Click on the Accept button to accept the request or on the Reject button to reject it. If you need more information about the channel you can click on the See Channel link on the applying channel's widget to go view the content of the channel or get the contact information of its owner.

After accepting your membership requests, you should be able to view your users from the Items tab under the users icon

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