What are dRamps ?

  1. dRamps are contracts that you deploy on the blockchain in order to help users transfer value on/off various blockchains

  2. Each dRamp needs to be backed by a set of trustBounties that lock a certain amount X of the native token of the blockchain, on which the dRamp is deployed, for a period of time

  3. Each dRamp can be used to mint multiple tFIAT tokens which are tokenized FIAT currencies as well as tokenized versions of multiple other assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, other native coins of other blockchains, stocks, etc.

  4. The demand and supply of minting/burning services around an asset constitute what we call a token market. dRamps support most FIAT currencies in the world.

For a complete list of all supported currencies visit this page

Why dRamps ?

Transferring money on/off blockchains today is heavily dependent on banks which are centralized parties. More generally, transferring any significant amount of money today is also heavily dependent on banks.

At PaySwap, we do not believe this to be compliant with the philosophy of blockchains. That's why we've created decentralized Ramps (dRamps).

With dRamps, any agent around the world can set up a money transfer business and start facilitating money transfer operations for any user around the world.

Suppose you are an agent in Kenya for instance, with dRamps you can start facilitating money transfer operations in and out of Kenya without the need for banks.

Trust is created using trustBounties which agents use to lock a certain amount of the native token of their blockchain for a period of time covering the time they plan to be a dRamp operator.

Deploying a dRamp

  • Go to this page

  • Click on the button Deploy Ramp and validate the deployment on the popup that shows

Congratulations! You now have a Ramp contract deployed on the blockchain.

Get further support from the community here.

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