NFT Bounties

Non Fungible Token TrustBounties

NFT Bounties are trustBounties that lock up NFT collaterals. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating NFT Bounties:

  • Paste your NFT's contract address in the collateral field, pick whether it is an ERC721 or an ERC1155 and enter its ID. Fill in the other information requested by the form. Make sure you read the description of each parameter before entering a value for it. Validate the form.

  • Tick the Mine Only option to only show your trustBounties, find the recently created one, expand it and click on the Control Panel button. Since the collateral of this trustBounty is an NFT, we will not select a currency before going into the control panel menu

  • From the control panel menu click on the Add Balance button. Fill in the form after reading the description of each parameter. In the form below we are adding the collateral with ID 1. Validate and confirm the transaction.

  • You should notice the value for the locked up collateral in your trustBounty change to the ID of the collateral you've just added. The contract takes a 1 USD processing fee.

  • The next step is to specify the terms under which your trustBounty can be attacked. To do so, go back to your trustBounty's control panel menu and click on the Update Bounty button and input the terms of your trustBounty in the appropriate field

  • Validate and confirm the transaction. You should see the updated terms in your trustBounty's panel

Congratulations! You have successfully created your NFT bounty. Your NFT is now locked up as collateral in the bounty and can only be removed after January 6th, 2024 at midnight.

If you violate your terms, your bounty can be attacked and if you fail the voting process, you will lose your collateral for the attacker.

To view and participate in the current ongoing votes on collaterals, click on the Litigations' tab right next to the ValuePools' tab

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