Automatic ARPs

Automatic ARPs determine the amount receivable and the amount payable of accounts using account owners' percentile in the valuepool associated with the ARP. So automatic ARPs have to be associated with valuepools that provide the ARPs with percentages that they use to compute both the amount receivable and the amount payable of their accounts.

Here is an example use case of automatic ARPs. Suppose you have a valuepool that makes a bunch of investments. Profits from those investments can be distributed through an ARP contract with the share of the profits for each member of the valuepool, being determined by their percentile in the valuepool. More specifically, let's suppose our valuepool has 30000 USD in it and has 3 users (A, B & C). We've made some investments and would like to setup an ARP through which profits from those investments will be distributed:

  • User A's percentile in the valuepool is 50%

  • User B's percentile in the valuepool is 25%

  • User C's percentile in the valuepool is 25%

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up our ARP:

  • Go to the ARP page and click on the Deploy ARP button

  • Fill in the form that pops up; set the Is Automatic and Is Percentages parameter to Yes. Also, fill in the address of the valuepool. Make sure to read the description of each parameter by hovering your cursor over the help icon next to it. Validate the transaction.

  • Click on the Mine Only button to only display your ARP contracts. If you are still not able to see your ARP contract, reload the page and click on Mine Only again

  • The next step is to create user A's account

  • Since both the amount payable and receivable will be determined by the associated valuepool, we don't need to input those values here. We only need to set the start date of the account payable (Start Payable) and the period of the account payable (Period Payable). You can now validate and confirm the transaction. You should proceed the same to create accounts for users C & D as well.

  • The next step is for each user to attach to the created accounts his/her token from the associated valuepool

Attaching Your Valuepool Token

As an account owner, here is a step-by-step guide to attaching your valuepool token to your ARP account in order to be able to withdraw your share of the profits from the investments of your valuepool:

  • Make sure you select your account by clicking on its ID at the bottom left of your ARP contract's panel (in the image below, our account ID is 4)

  • Go to your ARP's control panel menu and click on the Update Token ID button

  • Input the ID of your valuepool NFT token and validate the transaction.

Congratulations! You can now withdraw your share of profits whenever the ARP admin deposits them in the ARP contract through the Notify Rewards function.

Automatic ARP contracts can also be used to share debts between users. The contracts are notified using the Notify Debt function and their accounts' periodicity can be set through the Period Receivable variable. In the case of non-periodic contracts, that variable can be set to 0.

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