Why Join A Leviathan?

Imagine a utility like water, energy, or food. Would a world with an abundance of each one of those utilities be a better world than the current world?

If your answer to that question was a resounding yes, then you're in the right place but one more question: what do you think would help us transition from this world to a world where those utilities exist in abundance?

Regardless of what your answer to this last question was, it would probably need a great deal of capital and work to execute.

That's what a Leviathan is. We have 12 Leviathans and each one of them has the goal of advancing this world from its current state to a state of abundance in a specific utility. They use valuepools to gather the capital from citizens of the world and with that capital, they create nonprofits to work on acquiring or producing more of the utility they are trying to make abundant.

Another reason to join a Leviathan is to prevent World War 3 which could turn out to be a mass extinction event for the human species. Since most wars are fought over a scarcity of resources, providing abundance in the world will remove most reasons for going to war.

If Leviathans are successful, there will be no need for money as we will be living in a world of abundance where everything is free.

What Are They?

Leviathans are a set of valuepools that work together towards a common agenda. Their goal is to provide enough of a specific type of utility to all human beings on the planet in order to bring about a world of abundance in that specific utility. All Leviathans plan to achieve this by the year 2040.

Each Leviathan typically has four main types of valuepools:

  • An acquisition valuepool: this valuepool has the goal of pooling resources from its members to buy enough of the Leviathan's utility

  • A manufacturing valuepool: this valuepool has the goal of pooling resources from its members to manufacture/build enough of the Leviathan's utility

  • A research valuepool: this valuepool has the goal of researching more efficient ways of producing the Leviathan's utility

  • Auxiliary valuepools: these valuepools also work towards the general objective of providing humanity with the Leviathan's utility

Each Leviathan is characterized by the utility it is in charge of providing humanity with.

How To Join A Leviathan?

To join a Leviathan, you need to mint a token from at least one of its valuepools. You can read more about how to mint a token from a valuepool on the page below:

pageMinting An NFT Token

We've identified 12 utilities and we think a world where those utilities are provided in abundance is a world where everybody gets to live a life of abundance.

Therefore, we have 12 Leviathans each tasked with creating an abundance of one of those utilities in the world.

We recommend you join all 12 Leviathans. You can read more about each of them on the pages in the sub-sections of this page.

Commandments Of The Leviathana

The Leviathana is the philosophy that governs members of the Leviathans' communities. It is meant as a better alternative to existing systems such as capitalism, socialism, or communism. It has 7 commandments:

  1. Ownership is forbidden: Everything is owned by the community, not the individual

  2. Greediness is forbidden: Greed or taking more of a utility than needed when other members of the community have not had their share is forbidden

  3. Singlehood is forbidden: you have to be pay-married to another member of the Leviathana unless your significant other has died. In this case, if you have kids, you will need an adoptive father/mother for your kids that's also from the Leviathana community

  4. Childlessness is forbidden: each member of the Leviathana must either have kids already, be trying to have kids, or be trying to adopt kids

  5. Inner member quarrels are forbidden and all disputes must be submitted as proposals in the Leviathana's valuepool and resolved through a community vote. Liviats should fight anyone that is not fighting for every single human being on earth.

  6. Membership in all 12 Leviathans is required

  7. Complicity is forbidden: any crimes (according to the laws of your current country) or violation of any of the previous commandments has to be reported or you're yourself in violation

The Leviathana is not a religion and accepts any member of any religion, race, gender, or ethnic background. Members do not all have to get along but should be civil to one another.

Members of all 12 Leviathans that adhere to the Leviathana are called leviats

Not all members of Leviathans are leviats but all leviats are members of Leviathans.

Leviats hold weekly meetups every Saturday during which new leviats are introduced to the community. It is also an opportunity for members to get to meet and know one another on a much deeper level and feel more part of the Leviathana community.

Each meetup group has a leader and a dedicated CanCan channel as well as a PayChat group where members share information with each other about various subjects.

Single people cannot become leviats, but single people willing to become leviats can post their profiles on their favorite meetup groups' CanCan channels, in order to meet a leviat or someone willing to become a leviat as well.

Once they do, they get pay-married and if they satisfy the other commandments of the Leviathana, they are officially presented to the community during the next meetup of their meetup group.

Every meetup is an act of service to the community and meetup group leaders are in charge of finding the act of service to engage in during each meetup. It can be:

  • a party: this consists of eating & drinking together to consolidate ties between members

  • a travel: this consists of going on adventures together to consolidate ties between members

  • a game: playing various types of games between members or between meetup groups

  • a service: cleaning public places, cooking for homeless people, any type of selfless act

  • etc.

At the beginning of each week, the leaders of each meetup group have to come up with the act of service for the week and post it on their meetup's CanCan channel so the members of the meetup group can buy tickets to it. The money from the tickets is used to organize the act of service.

Why Join the Leviathana ?

Joining the Leviathana can reward you with a deep sense of belonging to a worldwide community of peers who are all striving and contributing their resources and efforts towards the arrival of a better world; a world of abundance; a world with no worries and pain or at the very least with minimal worry and minimal pain.

In addition to that, being part of the Leviathana can help you boost your standing in the Leviathans and help you acquire resources from the Leviathans much faster than other Leviathan members who are not leviats like you.

The plan of resource distribution of the Leviathans is as follows:

  1. Leviats

  2. Leviathan members

  3. The rest of humanity

Another reason for joining the Leviathana is to find a significant other that you can trust to follow the terms defined by the Leviathana.


This is a trustBounty contract between two romantic partners where they take the following vows:

  • there needs to be a permanent man who is the provider and leader

  • there needs to be a permanent woman who obeys the leader, is faithful, and is the home-maker

  • the goal of every romantic relationship has to be either birthing or adopting and raising kids

  • both partners obey the commandments of the Leviathana

  • both partners make monthly deposits into the trustBounty

  • in the case of a divorce, the party that's the most responsible for breaking the terms of the contract loses all the money in the contract to the other party

You can create a pay-marriage contract on this CanCan channel

A New Form Of Money

For the Leviathana, real money is your stake in a community and the real way to grow your wealth is to grow the size of your community.

Your stake in a Leviathan's community is:

  • the percentile of your favorite Leviathan NFT

  • the number of IOUs you've gotten from rendering services to other members of the community. The more IOUs you have, the better but no matter how many IOUs you have, you cannot claim more utilities than you need (according to the second commandment of the Leviathana) and that number is defined by each Leviathan.

IOUs are only used when there's not enough of the item you wish to acquire from the Leviathan for every member of the Leviathan.


Leviathans make decisions through community votes. Each proposal goes through a 7-day voting period during which members get to vote Yes or No on the proposal.

Leviathans also ambition to place members at the highest spheres of government in all the countries in the world so they can vote favorable laws for the Leviathans and for the members of the Leviathans' community.

Any member willing to represent himself/herself in any type of political election can submit proposals to request for the Leviathans' support and if successful, all members of the Leviathans are required to abide by the decision of their Leviathans and vote for the member during the political election.

On the other hand, any member that wants that kind of support from the Leviathans' community must promise by creating a convincing trustBounty, to always submit every decision, he/she would have to make during his/her time in office, to the Leviathans through proposals and to always go with what the members of the Leviathans would have decided.

In cases where information could not be shared without violating some kind of confidentiality rule, the member should submit proposals that would help gauge what would have likely been the outcome of a community vote, had they been able to share the actual information.

This is TRUE democracy! Having the people decide on everything, not just having them decide on who will be making the decisions for them.

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