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Profiles can help fight against online frauds where fraudsters misrepresent themselves are someone else.

Let's assume the victim knows the profile ID of the person a fraudster is misrepresenting him/herself to be; before doing anything, the victim could ask the fraudster to broadcast a specific message on the profile of the person being misrepresented.

Since the fraudster does not have access to the profile, he/she will not be able to broadcast any message on it thus proving to the victim, that he/she is a fraudster.

Sexual Harassment

You can also use profiles to avoid sexually harassing your colleagues in the workspace. Profiles have a crush feature that enables you to specify the profile of someone you have a crush on. If that person does the same, you will be revealed to each other as each other's crush.

This is the perfect way to figure out if a colleague at work is into you without risking putting yourself in a compromising situation at work (assuming of course your course knows about this crush feature of profiles).

Unique Profile IDs

PaySwap reserves a certain number of profile IDs (the first 1000) to be sold through auctions. Free profile IDs only start at 1000.

A unique profile ID shows status in the community, and the more popular PaySwap profiles become, the more status a unique profile ID shows.

Unique profile IDs just like domain names need to be renewed every year or you put your profile in a situation where it might be taken over by someone willing to pay for it and since there is a limited number of unique profile IDs, you might not get another one ever again.

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