Selling Through The Stake Market

As the merchant, you will be notified of any new stake created on any of your products by email. You can also check the stake market of your channel to view any newly created stakes and apply to them. This will allow you to complete the purchase of the object of the stake. Once the object has been delivered or the service rendered to the client, he/she will let the stake market release your payment.

To apply to a stake, go to the stake's control panel menu and click on the button Apply

  • You should be OK with leaving the values of each field as is. You can modify them if they don't apply to your situation. Validate the form to apply.

  • If the client accepts your application, you should see your stake added to the client's just like in the image below

  • The next step is to proceed with the fulfillment phase and deliver the product/service to the client. You should be able to contact the client by checking his/her channel or checking the terms of the client's stake to see if a contact info has been left there.

  • After the fulfillment phase, you should update the agreements. Select your stake by clicking on its id (which in the image above is 7), then click on the Control Panel button to go to your stake's control panel menu. Click on Update Agreement to reveal the form at the right, leave the agreement level to Good, and validate the form

  • Once the client also updates his/her agreement to Good, you should be able to withdraw your payments. Make sure the stake is selected (in the image below, the seller's ID is 7)

  • Click on the Withdraw From Stake button in your stake's control panel menu. In the form on the right, set the option of Remove yourself as partner to Yes and validate the form to complete the purchase (no need to fill in an amount).

Congratulations! You have successfully completed your first sale through the stake market.

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