Lending & Investing With A Valuepool

Investors or businesses looking to borrow money from a valuepool can submit a proposal to the valuepools and have the valuepool's members on it.

Investments With A Valuepool

Let's suppose we have some very interesting investment proposal to make to a valuepool. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting an investment from a valuepool:

  • You need an ARP contract to be able create an investment proposal. Make sure you and your ARP contract fulfill the requirements to create proposals in the valuepool by checking the valuepool's voting parameters:

  1. Period: If this parameter is greater than zero then you need to attach a bounty to your ARP and this parameter specifies the minimum number of time it needs to be locked for.

  2. Vote Option

  3. Minimum Bounty Required: In case your ARP needs a bounty, this sets the minimum balance of the bounty

  4. Minimum Difference: This sets the minimum difference in votes received by a winning side. Suppose this parameter is 10%, that means a proposal will have to receive 10% more Yes votes than No's to pass.

  5. Minimum Lock Value: Only members of valuepools can create proposals. This sets the minimum number of tokens that need to be locked under your NFT token from the valuepool for you to be able to create a proposal. To mint an NFT Token, please read the guide on the page below:

Minting An NFT Token
  • The next step is to create a proposal. To do so, click on the View Proposals link in your valuepool's panel

  • This opens the proposals' page, click on the Make a Proposal button

  • On the next page, fill in the form with the title & body of your proposal, the amount you want to withdraw from the valuepool to make the investment on its behalf as well as the other parameters.

  • Validate and confirm the transaction. You should be able to view your proposal from the proposals' page under the Opened tab like in the image below:

  • Your proposal will receive votes and at the end of the voting period, you will be able to withdraw the requested amount from the valuepool in you are approved.

Loans With A Valuepool

Loans work the same way as investments with the exception that you would have to reimburse them. If your valuepool does loans you can apply for a loan the same exact way as you would apply to make an investment on its behalf.

Withdrawing Funds Granted For Loans/Investments

  • Go to the control panel menu of your valuepool and click on the Withdraw Funds Approved button. Fill in the form and validate the transaction

Reimburse Loan Or Deposit Investment Profits

To reimburse a previous loan, go to the control panel menu of your valuepool and click on the Reimburse Loan button. Fill in the form and validate the transaction

To deposit investment profits, create an account for your valuepool in your ARP contract and send the investment profits to your valuepool from there so it can be accounted for. You should not directly send the profits into the valuepool, creating an account in your ARP contract, that lets you add notes to the payments is the way to go.


You should be able to view all ongoing proposals listed on the valuepools' litigations page, click on the proposal you are interested in to go to the voting form. Fill it in and validate the transaction to vote. Only members of a valuepool can vote on one of its proposals.

You can read more about this on the page below:

Creating A Proposal

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