Manual Rewards

You can also manually give your users credits which they can later on either withdraw in cash or use to buy products depending on how you set it up. To add rewards manually to users:

  • Go to the page of the products for which you wish to add rewards to your users and click on the Adjust settings button

  • Click on the Add Payment Credits To Users' button

  • Enter the address of the user to whom you would like to add credits/rewards on the current item

  • The id of the current item should already be filled in, you can change it to a different product if you want to add the reward on a different product

  • Lastly is the amount you would like to reward the specified user on the current product. If the product cost 0.1 usd and you would like to reward the user with half of that, you would input 0.05 usd; if you would like to reward the user with 10 times the product, just input 1 usd

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