Listing Articles

Here is a step-by-step guide to listing articles on your channel:

  • Make sure you are on your channel's main page and connected with the channel's admin wallet. If you do, you should be seeing the page displayed below

  • Click on the List Product button to reveal the form below and click on the Article tab to go to the page shown in the image below

  • Write your article in the form on the left of the image above

  • Read each parameter's description and provide the appropriate value. Validate the form and after a few seconds, you should be seeing your article displayed with the rest of your previous products on your channel's main page like in the image below. Reload the page in case your article does not show. In the image below, we can see 4 products listed; a product called Netflix, Valhalla, uber, and How to Start Dropshipping: A 9-step guide (2023). The latter is an article.

Congratulations! You have successfully listed your article and if you've made it tradable, users will be able to tip your channel by going through the purchase wizard.

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