Nature Tokens

Users that do not have access to a very valuable asset to tokenize can still tokenize embarassing/compromising documents/photos/videos/etc. about themselves. The goal is to create a collateral they will not want to lose. They will then be able to use those tokens as collateral to borrow money, trustbounty collaterals, etc.

Other forms of nature tokens might tokenize their owners' time and basically anything an auditor is in the capacity to tokenize for users that do not have access to any valuable asset.

If those tokens are used as collaterals for loans and their owners fail to reimburse the loans, the tokens would be given to the lenders which can claim the underlying asset from the auditor that minted the NFT token. In the case the token tokenizes its initial owner's time, the new owner could claim that time and have the initial owner work for him/her for free for the duration of the tokenized time.

Anything can be tokenized! Auditors are invited to think outside of the box in order to help people that cannot tokenize valuable assets to still be able to borrow money with collaterals.

To deploy your Nature Auditor contract, follow the guide on the page below:


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