Listing Paywalls

Here is a step by step guide to listing paywalls on your channel:

  • Make sure you are on your channel's main page and connected with the channel's admin wallet. If you do, you should be seeing the page displayed below

  • Select the token your would like your users to use to subscribe to your paywall by clicking on the drop down button on top of the List Paywall button. In the image above, we selected the usd token

  • Click on the List Paywall button to reveal the form below on the left. Click Step 1 and validate the operation.

  • Click on the List Paywall button again and then on Step 2 to reveal the form on the right.

  • In the image below, we are adding 2 subscription options to our paywall: a monthly subscription that costs 1 token and a yearly subscription that costs 2 tokens (the token in this case is the one previously selected in the drop down menu on top of the List Paywall button). You can add as many subscription options as you want. The value 43200 is the number of minutes in a month; this is so the contract knows how long a monthly subscription is. We multiply that number by 12 for the yearly subscription. The value 100 is the number of monthly subscriptions we are willing to sell and 10000 the number of yearly subscriptions we are willing to sell. You can put as high a number as you wish but keep it reasonable.

  • Read each parameter's description and provide the appropriate value. Make sure you have added your subscription options and validate the form. After a few seconds, you should be seeing your paywall displayed with the rest of your previous products like in the image below. Reload the page in case your product does not show. In the image below, we can see 4 products listed; a product called Netflix, Valhalla, uber and How to start dropshipping: A 9 step guide (2023). The product called Netflix in the image below is a paywall.

Congratulations! You have successfully listed your paywall and if you've made it tradable, users will be able to buy its subscriptions straight from your channel.

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