Selling Token Markets

You can either put your ramp up for sale or one of its token markets.

Putting A Ramp/Token Market Up For Sale

To put your ramp, up for sale, go to its control panel menu and click on the Update Parameters' button. Enter a sale price and validate the transaction.

The next step is to attach a Leviathan token to your ramp. To do so, make sure you've minted a token from your favorite Leviathan, and then go to your ramp's control panel menu.

Click on the Update Ramp Leviathan Token ID button, input your token ID, and validate the transaction. You should be able to see your ramp's price displayed on the left side of your ramp's panel.

This will enable users looking to buy a ramp to filter ramps that are on sale and find your ramp.

To put a token market in your ramp up for sale, you will first need to select the token market from the bottom left section of your ramp's panel, and then in the control panel menu select the Update Token Market option. Input a sale price for your token market and validate the transaction.

To put either a ramp/token market up for sale, you need to run the Update Ramp Leviathan Token ID function to set your ramp's Leviathan and Leviathan token ID otherwise any purchase operation run on the ramp will fail.

Buying A Ramp/Token Market

To find a ramp to buy, you can list only ramps that are for sale or ramps that have token markets that are up for sale by ticking the On Sale button on the ramps' page

You can see your ramp's price on the left section of its panel. In the image below, we can see that our ramp's price is 1 FABT

Once you've found a ramp you want to buy, go to its control panel menu and click on the Buy Ramp button.

To buy a ramp you need to replace its existing bounties with new bounties of yours that either have the same amount locked in them or a bigger amount. In the image above, we are listing our bounty with ID 46 as a replacement for the ramp's owner bounty ID.

Since the ramp only has one token market, we only need to replace one bounty. If it had had 2, we would have needed 2 bounties, 3 if it had had 3 token markets, etc.

You only need to replace token markets that have not been sold by the ramp. You also need to replace the ramp's Leviathan token ID.

Validate the transaction once all the appropriate values have been entered.

You should now be the legitimate admin of the ramp. All of the rights of the previous owner have been removed from him and given to you.

You can add new token markets, remove existing ones, change the ramp's sale price back to 0 to remove it from the market, etc.

You have successfully purchased the entire ramp.

In order to buy a token market, you only need to replace that token market's bounty. To do so, select the token market from the bottom left of your ramp's panel and make sure that it has a sale price bigger than 0 or one that is not N/A, otherwise, it is not up for sale.

As can be seen in the image above, our ramp's token market price is 1 FABT. To purchase the token market, you need to go to the ramp's control panel menu and click on the Buy Token Market button

For this, you need to replace the token market's bounty as well as the ramp's Leviathan token ID. Once you've inputted the correct values, validate the transaction.

You should now be able to claim all revenues generated by the purchased token market.

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