NFTickets/eReceipts are NFTs delivered to your wallet address after you've made a purchase in any of the marketplaces (CanCan, eCollectibles, Paywalls)

To view all NFTickets delivered to you:

  • Connect your wallet to the PaySwap website

  • Click on the Manage Profile button to go to your profile page and click on the NFTickets tab. This will show you a list of all your NFTickets

A Closer Look At NFTickets

  • There are two addresses moving on the NFTicket's borders; these are the NFTicket's owner's address and the NFTicket contract's address. The owner's address is followed by a dot and the mention Owner. The NFTicket contract's address is followed by a dot and the mention Contract which in turn is followed by the NFT's ID in parentheses (which in this case is 6). To get the complete addresses, you will need to append 0x to what is displayed on the NFTicket. For instance, instead of 0bDabC785a5e1C71078d6242FB52e70181C1F316 (like displayed on the NFTicket), its owner's actual address is 0x0bDabC785a5e1C71078d6242FB52e70181C1F316

  • The parameters displayed by the NFTicket are:

  1. The first one displays whether the NFTicket is active or not. This parameter can be used for various use cases; for instance during discounts, an NFTicket that has already been used to claim a discount can be deactivated such that it will not be able to be used for a discount anymore or if the NFTicket symbolizes a concert ticket for instance, it can be deactivated after use to prevent a double use

  2. The second parameter is used in the case of loans and represents the duration for which the NFTicket has been lent for

  3. The third parameter represent the Linux timestamp when the NFTicket has been issued which is also the time the underlying product has been purchased. To convert the timestamp in the image above (1697701594) to a human readable date, go to this website and paste it in the appropriate field like in the image below

  4. The Credits parameter represent your payment credits or the amount of discount to which you are eligible to for the underlying products. Sellers can have various discounts to incentivize purchases and if you claim a discount on the underlying product, the amount of your discount will show up in this field

  5. The field underneath that shows the name of the underlying product (which in this case is money) followed by its price in parentheses. The actual price is multiplied by a factor of ten to the power of the decimals parameter of the token in which it is expressed in. That token in this case has the symbol usd and its decimals parameter of 18 which means the actual price is actually 0.1 usd. The blockchain does not deal with decimal values so it uses this format to express numbers

  6. The last parameter specifies where the underlying item has been purchased. Local means it has been purchased using PaySwap's marketplace contracts. Another value for this parameter is External which will mean it has been purchased withouth using PaySwap's marketplace contracts

  7. If the underlying item had options and you added any of those options during your purchase, they will show up after the previous parameter.

NFTicket pages:

You can display multiple pages using the arrows at the bottom right of your NFTicket, you just need to hover your cursor on top of the upward pointing arrow to show the parameters page, hover on top of the downward pointing one to display the board page which displays any description of the NFTicket available. The left and right pointing arrows will navigate between sponsored content from sponsors that bought ad-spots on NFTickets from the seller of the underlying item.

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