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How would you use CanCan features to build a dating app like Tinder ?

To build an app like that, you would need the following features:

  • The ability for you to post on your app

  • The ability to display users' profiles on your app

  • The ability to contact users on your app

  • The ability to incentivize your users to be trustworthy

  • The ability to rate and/or review users

Posting On Your App

You can post articles, images or videos on CanCan channels. For a guide on how to do this, please read the guide on the page below:

Displaying Users' Profiles On Your App

For a user's profile to be displayed on your app, the user would have to first create his/her own channel and then follow the guide on the page below to register to your channel:

Once a user is registered to your channel, that user's profile will be showing on your main channel under the Items > Users tab like in the image below:

Contacting Users On Your App

To contact a user, that user would have to have added his or her contact information on his/her channel. Find the user's profile under the Items > Users tab like in the image above and click on the See Channel link to go to the user's channel.

If the user added his/her contact information, you should be able to see an icon for the contact information, right before the Launch Tour button on the user's profile like in the image below where we have two icons, each one being a way to contact the user directly. Users are advised to add their PayChat handle either as a contact or in their channel's description so they can be contacted by other users.

Another way users can get contact would be by posting on their own channel an article product describing themselves.

Suppose a user A did that, other users willing to get in touch with user A, would then add reviews to the article in which they would input links to their own channels or PayChat handles as well as photos of themselves in order to convince user A to contact them.

This gives the flexibility to users to either share their contacts and have interested parties reach out to them or post their profiles and have interested parties provide contact so they can decide who to reach out to.

Incentivizing Users To Be Trustworthy

Most dating apps are filled with scammers, clout chasers or prostitutes. You can require each user of your dating app to create a trustBounty guaranteed not to be either of those before they can become users of your app.

To do that, you would have to make memberships to your channel permissioned. You can read more about how to do that on the page below:

In addition to that you would also have to update your channel's minimum bounty requirement for users so people willing to register to your channel would know how much they need to have in their trustBounties as a minimum. To do so, read the guide on the page above under the Setting Up Permissioned Memberships section

Rating Users

You can rate a user by voting up/down his/her channel. You can read about how to do that on the page below:

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