Minting An NFT Token

Here is a step-by-step guide to minting an NFT from your favorite valuepool:

  • Go to the valuepools' page and find your valuepool. Click to open your valuepool's panel and then on the Control Panel button

  • In the control panel's menu, click on the Create Account button. Fill in the form and validate the transaction.

  • You should be able to see your recently minted NFT token's ID listed at the bottom left of your valuepool's panel. In the image below we can see our NFT ID which is 1. Click on the ID to view your NFT token

  • There are two addresses moving on the NFT's borders; these are the NFT's owner's address and the NFT contract's address. The owner's address is followed by a dot and the mention Owner. The NFT contract's address is followed by a dot and the mention Contract which in turn is followed by the NFT's ID in parentheses (which in this case is 1). To get the complete addresses, you will need to append 0x to what is displayed on the NFT. For instance, instead of 0bDabC785a5e1C71078d6242FB52e70181C1F316 (like displayed on the NFT), its owner's actual address is 0x0bDabC785a5e1C71078d6242FB52e70181C1F316

  • The parameters displayed by the NFT are:

  1. The first one displays the type of the associated valuepool. There are two types of valuepools: normal valuepools that let their users withdraw their fund after their lock period expires and riskpools that do not let users withdraw the tokens. In our case, our associated valuepool is a normal valuepool

  2. The second parameter is the name (Payswap) and symbol (PSWP) of the NFT collection

  3. The third parameter represents the weight of the NFT token. The value of this parameter parameter decreases with the lock duration (which is the amount of time for which the funds under this token are locked)

  4. The Locked parameter represents the total number of tokens locked under the NFT token

  5. The next parameter is the time the funds locked under the NFT token will be unlocked. Our token's funds will be unlocked in 4 years. You can go to this page to convert your timestamp to Human date

  • The Vested Percentile is the percentage of NFTs from our valuepool that have less funds locked under them than our NFT. In our example, that percentage is 84%

  • The Credit Percentile is the percentage of NFTs from our valuepool that have less credit than our NFT. You can increase your credits in a valuepool by claiming them with NFTickets received from purchasing items on the channels of the valuepool's sponsors. This mechanism incentivises users to buy more from the sponsors of a valuepool. Your credits in a valuepool help you have an easier time accessing funds from the valuepool to make purchases in the marketplace or for other use cases.

  • The Sponsor Supply is the amount of tokens in the valuepool that come from sponsors.

  • The Attachment parameter is basically the number of proposals the NFT token is currently voting on

  • The Minimum Ticket Price is the minimum amount of tokens to lock to mint an NFT token from the valuepool

  • The Ve Supply is the total number of tokens currently locked in the valuepool

  • The Minimum To Switch is the minimum amount of tokens that need to be locked in the valuepool for its admin to be able to switch it from a valuepool to a riskpool. The main difference between valuepools and riskpools is that valuepools let users withdraw their funds after the lock period whereas riskpools do not let withdraw their funds back (riskpools can be used to implement insurance use cases for instance)

You can use the arrows on the NFT to navigate between its pages, the up arrow is to view the current page (the parameters' page), the down arrow is to view the NFT's description, and the left and right arrows is to navigate between various ads from sponsors of the valuepool.

Get further support from the community here.

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