New World Order

With Leviathans, we can start a New World Order that will aim to transition this world from its current state to a state of abundance where everyone contributes to the abundance creation process and benefits from said abundance.

How the NWO solves crime?

First of all, in the NWO, anyone can propose a law and have members of his/her community vote on it. If the proposal gets enough votes, it becomes a law.

The same process is used to withdraw a previous law.

The NWO aims to solve crime instead of punishing it. It will resort to reparation tactics instead of punitive tactics i.e. if someone commits a crime and gets caught, he/she is sent to a Law & Order Bogetta in order to work on repairing the crime.

What constitutes a suitable reparation for the crime is decided through a proposal depending on the criminal's situation and the actual crime comitted.

Someone who stole 1000 USD can be asked to reimburse 10 times that or work in a Law & Order Bogetta long enough to reimburse 10 times the amount stolen.

Someone who is guilty of murder can be asked to serve in a Law & Order Bogetta as a soldier until he/she saves 10 times as many people as he/she murdered, etc.

How the NWO implicates everyone in the creation process?

Experts in various Bogettas around the world determine the exact number of utilities needed for everyone in their areas or coverage.

From that number, they come up with the types of skillsets needed in the Bogettas over the coming decades which allows everyone to apply to fill anyone of those positions.

Assuming all the Bogettas cover the entire globe and are able to fill each position, there will be enough people working for the Bogettas to create enough utilities for the whole world to live in abundance.

What becomes of governments in the NWO?

There will be no governments in the NWO, only the government of the people by the people, each law is specific to a tribe and is proposed and voted upon through valuepools by members that tribe.

In the NWO, laws and regulations are enforced by security forces from the Law & Order Bogettas.

What becomes of countries in the NWO?

Countries are replaced by tribes and each tribe is protected the same by the security forces of the Law & Order Bogettas.

Anyone who enters the territory of a tribe is subject to laws voted by members of that tribe but on the other hand, no tribe is allowed to refuse entry to anyone that wishes to enter its territory.

Bogetta Culture

  • Only implement decentralized solutions to problems i.e. multiple solar panel stations each controlled by its community instead of one central panel station to electrify all the communities

  • Maximize the use of ecological solutions i.e. solar instead of oil

  • Use the most appropriate solution for the area the problem is being solved i.e. healthcare, food or energy solutions might vary depending on the area

  • Everything action of Bogettas in relation to its goal is available online in video/audio/image/text format

  • Bogettas are like embassies of the NWO

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