Talent MarketPlace


How would you use CanCan features to build a talent marketplace just like LinkedIn ?

To build an app like that you would need the following features:

  • The ability for users to publish their profiles on your app

  • The ability to contact users on your app

  • The ability to rate and/or review users on your app

  • The ability for users to post articles/images/videos on your app

  • The ability to publish job boards

  • The ability to apply for jobs

  • The ability to enter stakes/deals for jobs

Have users publish their profiles on your app

You users can partner with your channel and publish their profiles as an article on their partner walls so companies can find and contact them.

You can read more about partnering with a channel on the page below:


Once your users partner with your channel, they can create their profiles as an article. You can read more about how to list articles on the page below


Once your users have created their profiles, they can add it to their partner walls on your channel. The partnerships page above contains a guide on adding items to partner walls.

Contacting users on your app

Users' profiles can contain contact information so companies could get in touch with them for potential job opportunities.

Companies can also directly open your users' channels and get their contact information from there.

Rating and reviewing users' profiles

PaySwap enables you to rate and review any product and since your users' profiles are listed as articles (which are products), you can click on them to go to their product page which has a form to rate and review the profile.

Users posting on your app

Just like they've posted their profiles, your users can also post other materials on their partner page. To read about posting on CanCan, you can read the pages below


Job boards

Companies can also partner with your channel and publish their job listing as articles on their partner walls.


Applying to jobs

The job listings posted by companies will have a link to the application form in them

Entering stakes for jobs

Stakes are used to create trust during transactions. Companies can create a stake where they put their recruits' payment in escrow and only release the payments from escrow when they are satisfied by the performance of the recruit.

You can imagine a situation where a company will recruit a plumber and put all the plumber's payments in escrow in a stake. This will prove to the plumber that the company does have the ability to pay. After the plumber's work is complete, the company will release the funds if satisfied by the plumber's performance. In case of disagreement, the final judgement on whether the plumber gets paid or not is made through a vote of the community.

You can read more about stakes on the page below:


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