Partnering With Paywalls

Two different paywalls can partner with each other, this will make all the content of both paywalls available to any subscriber of any of both paywalls.

This can enable multiple use cases. For instance 2 or multiples musicians can each create their own paywalls and then partner with each other so that anyone who subscribes to any of the paywalls gets to access all the content of all the paywalls. Each musicians' revenue will be the number of subscriptions sold through his/her specific paywall.

Some paywalls (especially if they already have traction) might decide to charge for partnerships.

Here is a step by step guide to partnering with a paywall:

  • First thing to do is to partner with the channel. The partnerships page provides you with a guide for just that

  • Find and expand the paywall and click on the Add Partner button

  • Fill in the form with the appropriate values and validate the transaction

  • Your paywall should appear as a partner of the paywall you just partnered with and vice versa

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