How would you use CanCan features to build an app like ?

To build an app like that, you would need the following features:

  • The ability for you to develop a blog on your app

  • The ability to have creators partner with you

  • The ability to have creators list and sell access to their persons on your app

  • The ability to take a percentage off of every sale

  • The ability to rate and/or review creators/fans

Developing A Blog On Your App

You can post articles, images or videos on CanCan channels. For a guide on how to do this, please read the guide on the page below:

Listing Products/Services

Having Creators Partner With You

You would then need to let creators that want to sell access to their persons, partner with your channel in order to be able to list their paywalls.

If you setup your channel to only allow permissioned partnerships, you will receive partnership requests from these creators which you can either accept or reject.

You can read more about setting up your channel for permissioned partnerships and listing products on partner walls on the page below:


Having Creators Sell Access To Their Persons On Your App

Creators would sell access to their persons in the form of subscriptions to their paywalls. Paywalls on PaySwap are very flexible and enable all sorts of use cases:

  1. Creators can create as many paywalls as they want

  2. Creators can setup as many tiers of subscriptions to their paywalls as they want, each with a duration that they want. There is no limitations on this whatsoever.

  3. Creators can limit the number of subscriptions their paywalls can sell to create scarcity

  4. Creators can add any content behind their paywalls or have each one of their subscribers contact them on PayChat. To prove they are subscribers, they would have to post a badge from an auditor testifying to the subscription or the NFTicket they got from subscribing to the paywall

  5. Subscriptions to paywalls don't start when purchased but are started later on by their owners. A one month subscription for instance, can be bought today and started one year from now which creates multiple possibilities in terms of investment in creators you believe in. If you think a creator will be highly in demand in the future and that a one month subscription to that creator would be worth twice what it is worth today, you can buy that subscription today and sell it on the secondary market, when it is worth twice the price for a little less than what the actual creator is selling it for.

Taking A Percentage Off Of Every Sale A Creator Makes

When listing their paywalls on their partner walls, creators will be able to specify the percentage they are willing to give you off of each sale they make. In the image below, the user entered 10 in the referrer fee field meaning he/she will be giving you 10% on each sale.

We can also see that the minimum fee allowed by the channel is 0%. You can change this parameter by following the guide on the page below under the Updating The Minimum Partnership Fee section


You can read more about listing paywalls/products on a partner's channel on the page above under the Adding Items To Your Partner Wall section

Rating And/Or Reviewing Creators/Fans

To rate a paywall, click on the paywall to go to its product page and enter your rating and review. You can read more about how to do that on the page below:


In case you are a paywall owner, you can also rate a client by voting up/down his/her channel. You can read about how to do that on the page below:


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