Call For Tenders

Stakes can be used for a construction call for tenders for instance. Here is a step-by-step guide to do that:

  • Go to the Stakemarket's page, select the token to put in escrow and click on the Create a Stake button

  • Fill in the form that pops up after reading the description of each parameter then validate and confirm the transaction. For our use case we are looking for offers from construction companies on our construction project.

We will start off with our own proposition of 100 USD to be paid every 43200 minutes (every month) to the winning construction company starting from October 26th, 2023.

We also require the construction company to make a one time deposit of 100 USD (the equivalent of one month payment) in escrow to guarantee trustworthiness.

  • Tick the Mine Only button to only list your stakes in order to find the stake just created much faster

  • The next step is to update the terms and the location tags about our stake so construction companies can find it faster. Clik the Control Panel button and in the menu that pops up click on the Update Requirements button. Read the description of each parameter, fill in the form accordingly and validate the transaction.

  • Now you should be filter the stakes by country & city and if you pick the country and city you've attached to your stake, you should be able to see it in the listed stakes

  • To read the terms of your bounty, make sure you select your stake by its id (in your stake's panel) like in the image below where we selected the stake 8. Then click on the Terms parameter to launch a pop up window with the terms of your stake

  • The next step is to wait for applications to start coming in and then make a decision on which application to go with for your construction project.

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