Culture & Vision


The culture at PaySwap revolves around the community. The platform is built such that as many power and control is removed from the founders and put into the hands of the community as possible.

Issues are resolved through submitting proposals to the community which will vote to decide the on solutions.

If you see any issue with the platform, do not wait for the team to fix it, we've made sure that no matter the issue, the community has the tools to fix it by itself.

PaySwap is meant to be a public good for businesses and the operating system of the human species.


Look around you, most of everything is getting more and more expensive. If nothing is done, this trend will continue until an overwhelming majority of people are not able to afford anything anymore in the future: not a house, not a car, and certainly not a vacation.

PaySwap's vision is to create systems and processes that enable people to pay less and less for the services and products that they consume.

We aim to bring about a world of abundance where everything is free and available to anyone or at least die trying.

This is why we've created the Leviathans.

Not only that, PaySwap's ride-hailing service DriveOn, deposits 90% of its earnings into a valuepool and uses that money to purchase cars that will drive its users around for free.

PaySwap's delivery service ShopSwift, also deposits 90% of its earnings into a valuepool and uses that money to purchase delivery cars so its users can get their items delivered for free.

Most of PaySwap's apps follow the same model.

Do you believe in our vision?

If yes, then join the community and start participating. Join a Leviathan and start participating. The more people believe in this vision, the more chances we have of realizing it.

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