Sponsor contracts enable you to automate all payments pertaining to your sponsorship contracts or to receive applications from marketing companies or influencers willing to advertise your brand.

Here is a step-by-step guide to deploying a sponsorship contract:

  • Go to the Sponsors page and click on the Deploy Sponsor Card button

  • Input your profile ID and validate the transaction

  • Tick the Mine Only to only list your sponsorship contracts. This should enable you to find the contract you just deployed much faster. If you cannot find it, reload the page and try again. Once you've found it, click to expand its panel.

  • You now need to add an application link to your contract so users/businesses willing to do business with can apply. It can be a link to a google form, to an email or a chat, etc. To do so, click on the Control Panel button and in the menu that pops up click on the Update Application button. Input your link and validate the transaction.

Congratulations! You have successfully deployed and set up your first sponsorship contract

Creating An Account

Once you have found an influencer to market your business, you can create an account and schedule all the payments that will be going out from the contract to the influencer over time.

  • Go to your contract's panel and pick the currency you would like to make the payments in by clicking on the Select a currency button and pick/import a currency

  • Once you've picked your currency, click on the Control Panel button and select the Create Deal option

In the form above, we are scheduling a payment of 1000 USD every 43200 minutes (number of minutes in a month). We inputted our influencer's wallet address in the Account Owner field. We start counting from October 27th, 2023 at midnight which means the first month will be 43200 mintes after that. We also leave a description of the account for future reference as well as a link to our ad content so the influencer can have materials to market our business.

Content Names/Types

Content names/types are used by smart contracts to communicate to each other the type of content that a media used for advertisement purposes might contain.

It is required that sponsors add the type of content they have in their advertisement media so sellers on the marketplaces or valuepool admins can prevent some type of ads to be displayed on their NFTs or platforms.

In case you fail to do so, and are able to show an ad you shouldn't have been able to, on a platform, the owner of that platform can claim you sponsor bounty and will probably win the vote to seize part or all of it.

To update your sponsor contract's content names, go to your control panel's menu and click on the Update Content button. Enter all the content name that characterize your advertising material like in the image below. Enter as many content names as you see fit; make sure you tick the Add option before validating the transaction.

The Remove option enables you to remove previously added content names.

Content Names' Table

Content names are case-sensitive and should be entered as written below.

Content Name/Type (case sensitive)Description


Any non safe for work content


Any financial product that does not solicit users invest their money


Any financial product that does solicit users invest their money


Any product that solicits users gamble their money (sports betting, play to earn games, lottery, etc)


Any content that's forbidden for people aged 17 and below


Any content that's forbidden for people aged 15 and below


Any content that's made for kids


Any content that contains violence or shocking images


Any content that's political and left leaning


Any content that's political and right leaning


Any content that's political and far left


Any content that's political and far right


Any content that's not politically correct


Any content that's anti a specific gender


Any content that's anti any specific group of people: Blacks, Whites, Arabs, Jews, Indians, Chinese, Americans, etc

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