Store of Value

As we have previously seen, you can use ramps to transfer FIAT currencies onto the blockchain into their tFIAT equivalent and vice versa.

Once transferred into its tFIAT equivalent, you can store your money on the blockchain with the possibility to use a ramp to withdraw whatever amount you wish to withdraw at whatever time or moment.

The more ramps we have on PaySwap, the more possible that is. That's why we encourage anyone in any country to deploy a ramp to offer payment processing services in that country. Manual ramps enable you to use whatever payment method you want to process your transactions: cash, mobile money, etc.

Using the blockchain to store your money:

  • makes accessing and managing your funds very easy no matter where you are in the world

  • prevents any government authority or financial institution from seizing your money

  • offers you the ability to have access to communities of people on PaySwap that use Valuepools/DAOS to invest together, budget together, bank together, lend together, make purchases together, etc.

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