Paycards enable you to make payments without using your wallet. You can create a paycard and use your debit card to add funds on its balance so you can use it to make purchases on the marketplace.

Creating A Paycard

  • Go to the paycards' page and click on the Create a Paycard Account button

  • Fill in the form with a username, a password and validate. If the transaction fails, try again with a different username. Paycard usernames are unique and are meant to be just as secret as your password. You can view them as a second password.

  • Now find your paycard by entering your username and password in the fields in the image below. This will only list your paycard. If your paycard does not show, reload the page and try again.

Adding Balance With Debit Card

After creating your paycard, you can add some balance to it using your debit card.

To do so, you need to find a ramp that enables you to use it to add tokens to your balance by going to the ramps' page and filtering the product tags for ramps that have the tag Paycard attached to them.

Now, from the panel of your PayCard, click on the Select a currency button and pick a tFIAT token. That will reveal the pop-up window below

In the window above we don't currently have any tFIAT token. Let's show them. Click on the Manage Tokens button to reveal the first window below. Click to activate the PaySwap Onramp tokens and then click on the back arrow to go back to the previous window

You should now have the tFIAT tokens visible; these are the ones that have the ticker symbols and names of actual FIAT currency. You should be able to find a token for most existing FIAT currencies. Pick the one you would like to add to your PayCard and click on it to close the pop-up menu.

Now click on the Add Balance With Debit Card button

Fill in the form with the amount of the selected currency you would like to add to your balance as well as the address of the ramp you would like to use for the transaction. Validate the transaction.

This will take you to a page where you can input your card information.

After that, you will be taken back to the paycards' page to complete the transaction. Click on the Confirm Add To Balance button.

Congratulations! You have successfully added a tFIAT token to your paycard. You should see all tokens added to your paycard by checking the listed tokens at the bottom left of your paycard's panel. Clicking on each token's symbol will display its balance on your paycard.

Setting Up Your Ramp For PayCard

If you are a ramp admin and wish users to use your ramp to add funds to their PayCards, you need to add the PayCard contract as an admin of your ramp.

To do so, you first go to the PayCards' page to find the address of the PayCard's contract. Click on the View PayCard Contract link at the top of the page to go to the contract's page on the scan site of your blockchain from which you can copy the PayCard's contract address.

Once you have the PayCard's contract address, you need to go to your ramp's control panel menu, add it as an admin just like in the images below, and validate the transaction.

After that, you should add the tag PayCard to your ramp so users willing to use it to add funds to their PayCards can find it much faster.

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