Sponsoring A Valuepool

Valuepools enable businesses to advertise to their members. Here is a step by step guide to sponsoring a valuepool:

  • Create a sponsorhip contract and create an account for the valuepool you are trying to sponsor in your sponsorhip contract. If you are going to be sponsoring the valuepool periodically, make sure you create a periodic account for it (with a value of 43200 for the Period Payable parameter since valuepools sponsorships last for one month) but if you plan to just sponsor it once, create a non periodic account (set the Period Payable of the account to 0). Since a valuepool will only start showing your ads after the first payment, in the case of periodic contracts, you will be creating two accounts for your valuepool inside your sponsorship contract: one non-periodic that will be able to pay the valuepool now so it can start showing your ads now, and one periodic that will start paying the valuepool one month from now so it can keep showing your ads. You can find a guide to creating accounts in sponsorship contracts on the page below:

  • The next step is to add your sponsorhip contract to the valuepool. Go to the valuepools' page and find the valuepool. You can find your valuepool faster by entering its token's symbol in the search box (like in the image below, we are searching for our valuepool with the symbol usd)

  • Expand the valuepool's panel and click on the Sponsor button. Fill in the form that pops up with the address of your sponsorhip contract created above as well as the account ID of the account you've created in your sponsorhip contract for the valuepool. In case you want to target users from a specific area, you can also add a geo-tag. A geo-tag can be either the name of a country/city or a plus code. If your valuepool uses geo-tags, they will provide information about whether to use country/city or plus codes as their geo-tags.

  • Make sure you have enough funds in your sponsorship contract and validate the transaction. This will pay the valuepool and add you as a paying sponsor which will display you in the valuepool's list of sponsors which you can access by clicking on the Toggle Sponsors button like in the image below. As you can see in the image below, all the paying sponsors of the valuepool are listed with their respective descriptions and clicking on their widgets will open their channels on CanCan. Users can also filter them by location and product tags. This makes it easier for users to find sponsors of their valuepools that might be selling a product they are looking to buy. Members of a valuepool are deeply invested in the goal of their valuepool and view it very positively for anyone to sponsor their valuepool since that money will be used by the valuepool to further its agenda (which again, its members are deeply vested in). This makes it very likely for any member of a valuepool to first search for a seller of a service/product they might be in need for, among the sponsors of his/her valuepool and this is why you want to be one of those sponsors. In addition to that, they can use the NFTickets they will receive from buying items from a valuepool sponsor's CanCan channel, to claim more credits from their valuepool. This creates a win-win scenario for both the sponsors and the members of the valuepool.

  • The step after you've paid the valuepool, is to add your advertisement media. Go to your valuepool's control panel's menu and click on the Update Media button. Fill in the form with the address of your sponsorhip contract and a link to your advertisement media (a YouTube video's embed link, an image, etc.). Validate and confirm the transaction.

  • In case of periodic payments, you can will have to periodically run a function to pay the valuepool at end of each payment cycle (month). To pay your valuepool, go to its control panel menu and click on the Notify Payment button. Input the address of your sponsorship contract and validate the transaction

  • If you are periodically sponsoring the valuepool, you would have to run this function at the end of each period to pay the valuepool. The admin of the valuepool or anyone could also run this function for you by inputting your sponsorship address in the form.

  • Once you've added your ad to the valuepool, you should be able to view it from any NFT from that valuepool. Click on the View NFTs button in the left section of your valuepool's panel and hover over any of the NFTs' right/left arrow to cycle over all their ads (one hover = one click). Only three ads can be shown at a time and they are randomly picked from the list of all the ad content added from all the sponsors of the valuepool in such a way that any NFT token has a different set of ads than the other one

In this case, the ads are embedded YouTube videos and they can be played, paused or opened in YouTube just like any embedded YouTube video.

Valuepool NFTs are SVG files stored on the blockchain.

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