How would you use CanCan features to build a telehealth app ?

To build an app like that, you would need the following features:

  • The ability for you to develop a blog on your app

  • The ability to have healthcare practitioners apply to work on your app

  • The ability to have healthcare practitioner offer services on your app

  • The ability to book consultations with healthcare practitioners on your app

  • The ability to do consultations on your app

  • The ability to take a percentage off of every sale

  • The ability to rate and/or review healthcare practitioners/clients

Developing A Blog On Your App

You can post articles, images or videos on CanCan channels. For a guide on how to do this, please read the guide on the page below:

Listing Products/Services

Having Healthcare Practitioners Offer Services On Your App

You can let Healthcare Practitioners (HPs) that want to offer services to users of your channel, apply to becoming a partner of the channel in order to be able to list their services on your channel.

If you setup your channel to only allow permissioned partnerships, you will receive partnership requests from these HPs which you can either accept or reject.

You can read more about setting up your channel for permissioned partnerships and listing products on partner walls on the page below:


Booking Consultations With Healthcare Practitioners(HPs)

Your HPs can setup their products with their booking hours listed as options to enable users to book specific times on specific dates to have consultations with them. You can read more about how to do this on the page below:

Listing Products/Services

Trusting Healthcare Practitioners (HPs)

You can vet HPs that apply to deliver their servicers on your app by requiring them to submit their credentials. In case you do not know how to appropriately vet HPs, please find auditors who can.

You can also require your HPs, to create trustBounties with a certain minimum balance that anybody can claim in case they had any proof of the HPs' incompetence or malpractice.

Doing Consultations On Your App

HPs can conduct their consultations with the patients over PayChat's video conferencing tool and record their patients' data using PaySwap's SSI system which will record the patient's information in encrypted format on the blockchain, giving the user, the possibility of sharing that data in the future with his future doctors or HPs.

Taking A Percentage Off Of Every Sale HPs Make

When listing their services on their partner walls, Healthcare Practitioners(HPs) will specify the percentage they are willing to give you off of each sale they make. In the image below, the user entered 10 in the referrer fee field meaning he/she will be giving you 10% on each sale.

We can also see that the minimum fee allowed by the channel is 0%. You can change this parameter by following the guide on the page below under the Updating The Minimum Partnership Fee section


You can read more about listing services (products) on a partner's channel on the page above under the Adding Items To Your Partner Wall section

Rating and/or reviewing HPs/patients on your app

To rate an HP's service, click on the service to go to its product page and enter your rating and review. You can read more about how to do that on the page below:


In case you are an HP, you can also rate a patient by voting up/down his/her channel. You can read about how to do that on the page below:


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