Creating A Unique Profile

You can only create a unique profile after you've created an SSID. To create your SSID, you need to find an SSID auditor from the auditors' page and then apply for him/her to create an SSID for you.

Once your SSI has been created, you should be able to view its identity token from your profile page under the NFTs > SSI tab like in the image below:

You are now able to make your profile unique. To do so, go under the Profiles tab and tick the Mine Only option to only show your profile like in the image below:

Click on the Control Panel button and then on the Update SSID button. Input the ID of your SSID's identity token and then validate the transaction

That's it, your profile is now unique. You can confirm that by reading the left section of your profile's panel. As you can see, in the image below, the Is Unique parameter is set now to Yes

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