SSID Audits

The goal of SSID audits is to come up with a unique and deterministic ID for each user of PaySwap. To create an SSID, a user would have to contact an SSID auditor.

How To Create An SSID

An SSID is in the format: Payswap-YYY-XXXXXXXX where the X's are placeholders for the user's national ID number and the Y's are placehoders for the country code of the issuing country of the user's national ID.

In order to create one, an auditor would have to first certify the user's national ID card.

As an auditor, once you've deployed you auditor contract, you will need to update its category to category 1 (which is that of SSID Auditors) and then update its application link to a google form (or some other application form) so users willing to create their SSIDs can apply for you to create one for them. In Please read the guide on the page below to know how to update your auditor category and application link:


Once that's done, users can send you SSID applications. You will need to schedule a call with them to verify the X's and Y's of their SSID. You might also use any other method you deem efficient.

In case you were to deliver a fake SSID to a user, your auditor bounty can get claimed. Some users might even purposely try to trick you into delivering them fake SSIDs so they can claim your bounty afterwards.

Make sure you know how to recognize a legitimate national ID from a user's country before even attempting to create SSIDs for users from that country.

Once you have the user's correct country code and national ID number, you can create the user's SSID data following the Payswap-YYY-XXXXXXXX format as described above using the SSI system. You can read more about creating a user's SSID datum on the page below:

Creating An SSID

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