🏠Real Estate Leviathan

Free Token Symbol: FRET


The goal of this Leviathan is to provide the whole world with enough housing by 2040. It works towards a world where housing is abundant and freely available to anyone.

This Leviathan also aims to build a world where opportunities are better distributed throughout the world and not all concentrated in a single location.

This will help bring down the cost of living in cities, better distribute the human population across the earth, and ultimately put an end to territory wars.

We aim to do this by building new types of cities that have a cap on the number of companies that can operate in them and a cap on the number of people that can live in them. This will force companies to distribute their workforce across many cities, therefore distributing opportunities across cities.

Why Join?

If you love the idea of a world with free housing for everyone, you should join this Leviathan. It not only works towards making housing abundant but also more efficient and carbon neutral.

Items belonging to the Leviathan are kept with its members and go from member to member depending on who needs them and when. Members with the highest level of participation in the Leviathan are more likely to get an item they've requested for than those with a lower level of participation.

You participate by making regular deposits to the valuepools of the Leviathan, sharing items with the community, taking care of items you get from the community, and voting on proposals.

Acquisition Valuepool

This valuepool implements the concept of a shared real estate portfolio. A portfolio is basically a partner wall on this Leviathan's CanCan channel, that contains at least one real estate item: real estate property, furniture or any in-house utility (shower, window, door, toilet, etc) or construction equipment/machinery.

Any member of the valuepool can partner with the channel and post on his/her portfolio, items that fit in the real estate item category that he/she is willing to share with other members of the community.

Imagine having free access to an infinite supply of real estate items and construction equipment and all you need to do is to request for what you need; provided you can show proof of trustworthiness or active participation to the community.

That's exactly what a distributed real estate portfolio is and that is what this valuepool is creating.

A proof is anything that can get other members to trust that providing you access to an item from their respective portfolios, actually helps advance the cause of the Leviathan. It can be:

  • An NFT from the valuepool with enough funds locked under it to pay for the item you are requesting for

  • IOUs showing you've been providing items from your own portfolio to other members

  • A badge from an auditor testifying to your active participation, need for the item or your trustworthiness

  • A good social credit that channels like Tontines can help you create

The more of each of these you have (displayed on your profile page), the higher your chances of getting a real estate item or construction equipment when you request for one.

The valuepool uses its fund (which it constitutes from members' deposits and sponsoring) to buy and provide members of the community with access to more real estate items and construction equipment. The decision on how many of each type of real estate item or construction equipment gets purchased is made by the community through votes.

Its vested token is the Vested Acquisition Real Estate Token (vaFRET) and its token is the Free Real Estate Token (FRET)

To find it, go to the Leviathans' page and enter fret in the search bar

Manufacturing Valuepool

This valuepool builds up bottegas in the real estate space and everything that has to do with interior design (furniture or in-house utilities like showers, windows, doors, toilets, etc).

The bottegas in this valuepool work on ways to industrialize the construction process but also on ways to make real estate properties into assets that pay for themselves.

Imagine being able to design your house online and submit the design to a factory that manufactures and ships the various components of your house to your doorstep. On top of that, imagine if you didn't have to pay for any of that.

There exist multiple ways to have real estate properties pay for themselves, they can come with antennas that enable them to link to other similar properties in the area thus creating some kind of ISP that can sell its connection to companies for profit, they can have servers integrated into their walls and sell that server space to companies for profit, they can display ads on their walls which will enable them to sell ad spots to companies for money, etc.

There are multiple ways a network of real estate properties can be leveraged to generate money and possibly enough money to pay for the entirety of the properties in the network.

The main goal of the bottegas in this space is to bring about a world where real estate is free and available for everyone.

We do not believe in cheap living spaces but in splendid living spaces that somehow pay for themselves. The only way to make that happen is to turn the living spaces themselves into revenue-generating assets.

This valuepool funds the creation of its bottegas using what we call an infinite investment strategy.

Infinite Investment strategy:

Step 1 - Valuepool uses X amount from its fund to create non-profit Y

Step 2 - Members of valuepool utilize non-profit Y's services/products and value Y at X+ amount

Step 3 - Y borrows X amount from a bank to reimburse valuepool but is still 100% owned by valuepool

Step 4 - Valuepool uses X amount to create a new non-profit Y2

Its vested token is the Vested Manufacturing Free Real Estate Token (vmFRET) and its token is the Free Real Estate Token (FRET)

Research Valuepool

This valuepool funds research efforts in the bottegas.

Its vested token is the Vested Research Free Real Estate Token (vrFRET) and its token is the Free Real Estate Token (FRET)

Real Estate Bottegas

These are basically the renaissance Bottegas with a campus big enough to house experts and their students. They hold 10% experts in research & manufacturing of real estate items and 90% students. The role of the Bottegas is to help the Leviathan reach its goal as fast as possible.

Just like with universities, the objective of the experts is to transmit all their knowledge in the field to the students and the objective of the students is to become experts themselves.

Bottegas have comfortable residences for all their experts and apartment buildings for all their students. All utilities are provided free of charge to all residents of a Bottega.

Just like with a workshop, a Bottega has working spaces, factories, labs, and any other necessary infrastructure where both students & experts work on real estate projects which is essentially how the experts transmit their knowledge to the students. There are no classes or actual classrooms nor are there any exams or grades. Students' performances are evaluated on the work they do, just like with employees in a tech company.

Both experts or students can get replaced by other experts who are not yet members of the Bottega but prove capable of contributing at a higher level to the Bottega.

How do Bottegas sustain themselves?

Businesses or individuals submit Bottegas, manufacturing, or research orders in the real estate space and Bottegas also manufacture and sell items in the real estate space. All the money generated by Bottegas goes to the Leviathan which uses it to sustain them, create new Bottegas, buy items for its members, or invest in other non-profits.

Bottegas put roughly half of their efforts into completing submitted orders and the other half into working on projects intended to provide enough real estate items to the world.


Each expert is responsible for a group of students even if students can still learn from other experts.

After 7 years in a bottega, experts can submit proposals to the manufacturing/research valuepool to get tenure. The more students experts help advance, the higher their chances of getting a favorable vote from the Leviathan's community.

For an expert, getting tenure means having permanent expert status in any Bottega of this Leviathan. Students can become experts and then get tenure as well.


There will be as many Bottegas as needed in each country around the world to provide each one of those countries with better, cheaper, and ultimately free real estate.

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