Building Your Social Graph

You can build your social graph on your favorite blockchain by getting other users to follow you. This will enable you to build an email list and really own your social graph unlike the type of social graph you can build on any social media platform that can get taken away from you at anytime.

There is no reason you should have to rebuild your social graph from scratch anytime you join a new social media, social media platforms should be able to start you off with your social graph from the blockchain the second you join after you've authorized them to do so of course.

With our profile's social graph, you can do just that. Social platforms can use our API to enable their users to download the emails of all their followers and build their social graph during their onboarding process. Any new follower you gain from the social platforms will instantly be added to your social graph on the blockchain thus providing you with the same social graph across of social platforms on the internet.

How To Follow/Unfollow A Profile

  • Go to the profile's page by clicking on the Make a Profile button in the drop down at the top right of your the PaySwap site

  • On the profile's page, click on the Profiles tab and enter your recipient's username in the search box. This should list your recipient's profile.

  • Click on the Follow button to follow the profile and on the Unfollow button to unfollow the profile

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