Tipping Writers

Writers can make their articles tradable to enable users to tip them in specific amounts. If you choose to do so make sure to not leave the asking price of your article to 0 or add multiple tipping options when creating your article.

Adding Tipping Options

  • Go to your article's main page and click on the Adjust Settings button

  • In the menu that shows, click on the Adjust Sale Options' button to reveal the form in the right image below

  • Click on the Add Option button to add multiple options for tips as shown in the right image above. Validate the form and reload the page

  • You should get the Tips options added previously, displayed on your product page, right above the Tip Writer button

  • Your readers can add as many 1 or 2 FSTT tips as they wish.

How To Tip A Writer

  • Go to the writer's article page

  • Scroll to the end of the article, you should have a button Tip Writer shown like in the image below. If your writer enables you to pick your own tips, there should also be a Tip tab (like in the image below) or a similar tab with another name written on it.

  • Click on the options tab and select your tip amount. In the image below, we are choosing to tip our writer 17 FSTT tokens (7 * 1 FSTT tokens + 5 * 2 FSTT tokens)

  • Close the drop-down menu by clicking outside of it and then Click on the Tip Writer button to launch the purchase wizard

  • Validate the transactions

Congratulations! You have successfully tipped your writer 17 FSTT tokens

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