Adding A Token Market

  • After deploying your ramp, find your ramp by clicking the Mine Only button in order to only list the ramps that you've deployed. If you still can't find your ramp, reload the page and click Mine Only again

  • Click the Details arrow to reveal the details panel of your ramp

  • Click the Control Panel button in the details panel of your ramp to reveal its menu

  • Click the drop-down menu on top of the Control Panel button to pick the token of your token market. That will reveal the pop-up window below

  • In the window above we don't currently have any tFIAT token. Let's show them. Click on the Manage Tokens button to reveal the first window below. Click to activate the PaySwap Onramp tokens and then click on the back arrow to go back to the previous window

  • You should now have the tFIAT tokens visible; these are the ones that have the ticker symbols and names of actual FIAT currency. You should be able to find a token for most existing FIAT currencies. Pick the one you would like to enable your users to mint & burn and click on it to close the pop-up menu.

  • Now click on the Control Panel's button to reveal its Menu, find, and click on the Add Token Market button.

  • The parameter in the form has a help icon with a detailed description. Read the description and input the right value for the parameter.

  • Validate the form and confirm the transaction

Congratulations! You have added a new token market to your ramp. You should be able to see its token's symbol listed along with your ramp's other token markets' symbols in the bottom left portion of your ramp's panel

Adding Relevant Tags

We recommend you add tags to your ramp relevant to its features such as the token markets you've added to it.

If you add the XOF tag to your ramp, for instance, users looking to either mint/burn tXOF/XOF tokens can find your ramp much faster by filtering for the XOF tag from the Product Tags drop-down menu at the top of the Ramps' page

To add a tag to your ramp, go to your ramp's control panel menu and select the Update Location option

Enter the tag and validate the operation. You can also add location tags by selecting the relevant countries and then the cities you operate in from the Country and City drop-downs.

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