Game Scholarships

Since minutes need to be purchased to play a game (in case you are looking to win financial rewards), some games might be too expensive for some very talented players.

The scholarship model consists in buying minutes for players who are unable to purchase them. This is done through an ARP contract.

Any earnings of those players in the various games can then be claimed and sent to the ARP which in turn compensates the players based on a predetermined contract.

Setting Up A Scholarship Contract

A scholarship contract is an ARP contract that buys minutes on its scholars' tickets so they can play and earn rewards for it in exchange for payment.

To set one up, you first need to deploy an ARP which you can read how to do on the page below:


Once you're done with that, you should attach an application link (maybe a link to a Google form) to your ARP so players can apply for a scholarship.

The next step is to review the applications and create an account for the players that you want to fund. In case your ARP is percentage-based, then the players' compensations will be a percentage of their total earnings.

You are free to set up your scholarship contract like you want, you can have a fixed scholarship that you pay your scholars or you can have one based on their earnings in the games.

Once all that's set up, the next step is to purchase game minutes for your scholars. To do so:

  • Follow the regular steps to purchasing minutes on a gaming ticket as outlined on the page below:

  • Set up the destination of the gaming ticket to your ARP scholarship contract, this is so that all earnings claimed by your scholar are sent to the ARP contract. To do so, go to your game's control panel menu and click on the Update Destination button. Input the token ID of the gaming ticket as well as that of the ARP contract and validate the transaction.

  • Once the destination is updated, you can send the gaming ticket to your player's wallet so he/she can use it to play the game. You can keep buying minutes to the gaming ticket without owning it.

Claiming Earnings

Claiming earnings for your scholarship contract is pretty similar to claiming earnings for your own gaming ticket. The only difference is that those earnings have to be claimed by the players of the game who actually own the gaming ticket. Earnings can only be claimed by ticket owners.

Assuming you've set the destination on the gaming tickets being claimed, the claimed earnings will be sent to your scholarship contract as a reward which can then be distributed between your various scholars.

To learn how to claim a gaming ticket, please read the page below:


Applying For A Scholarship

Applying for a scholarship is exactly similar to applying for an account in a regular ARP. Go to the ARP's control panel menu, click on the Apply button, and fill in the form that opens up. For more details, please read the ARP documentation:


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