How to take part in the weekly protocol revenue sharing

The referrals contract receives a certain number of weekly emissions from the minter. The total number of tokens sent to the referrals contract depends on how many votes have been made during the week in the referrals contract.

The tokens sent to the referrals contract are distributed amongst referrers with respect to how many votes they get.

Each time a user, you referred to the platform makes a purchase, you get a vote in the referrals contract and the more votes you get, the bigger your share of our weekly emissions of all 12 Free Tokens.

With PaySwap, each time a user creates a profile and adds your profile as the referring profile, both of your profiles become associated for life and each time that user makes a purchase on the marketplaces, a vote is registered in your favor in the referrals contract.

To put things in perspective, suppose there is a total of 1 million users referred to the platform by all the registered referrers. If you've referred 1% of that million users and the weekly emissions in the referrals' contract is around 1 million USD/week. You could be making around 10000 USD/week without lifting a finger.

Referring users/sellers to the platform can be an extraordinary way to make passive income.

To start receiving votes, you need to deploy your business in the referral contract:

  • Go to the Referrals' page and click on the Launch Referrer button. Pick a workspace and validate the transaction

Once launched, you should be able to see your referrer listed on the page, tick the Mine Only button to find it faster. If you cannot find it, reload the page and try again.

Congratulations! All that's left for you is to find users to refer to businesses on the platform. Make sure they know your profile ID and input it when they're creating their profiles on PaySwap; that way the system associates your profile with theirs for life and each time they make a purchase, they generate a vote for you in the referrals's contract.

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