Transferring Money

Transferring money on the blockchain can be a bit daunting; you have to get the right wallet address which is a long string of characters (0x2fbfd5A8B2C31DDB921211933bfb1842FF39B5eA) and if you made a mistake and send your money to the wrong address, you basically have no way of getting your money refunded back to you.

Profiles provide a much better and safer alternative for two reasons:

  • you can find your recipient's profile by searching the profiles page for your recipient's username which is unique for each user

  • money sent to profiles can be refunded by the profile owner if it was sent mistakenly otherwise the profile's bounty can be claimed by the sender. Profile owners cannot withdraw money sent to their profiles unless they have a bounty large enough attached to their profiles.

Searching For A Profile

  • On the profile's page, click on the Profiles tab and enter your recipient's username in the search box. This should list your recipient's profile.

Transferring Tokens To A Profile

  • Find your recipient's profile by searching by your recipient's username

  • Expand your recipient's profile and click on the Select a currency button to pick the token you would like to transfer

  • Click on the Control Panel button and select the Pay Profile button. Fill in the amount of the previously selected token you would like to transfer and validate the transaction

Attaching A Bounty To Your Profile

To attach a profile to your profile, select the currency in which the bounty you would like to attach is in.

The next step is to click on the Control Panel button and then on the Update Bounty button

Enter the ID of your bounty and validate the transaction.

Withdrawing Tokens From Your Profile

Tokens sent to your profile can be viewed from the bottom left section of your profile's panel like in the image below where we can view USDs have been sent to our profile

Select a token to view how much of it you have on your profile's balance; in the image below, our profile holds 11 USD

To withdraw this, you would have to attach a bounty with a minimum balance of 11 USD to your profile. After you've attached your bounty, you can click on the Control Panel button and then on the Claim Revenue button

Get further support from the community here.

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