Creating An SSID

Self Sovereign Identifier or SSID

You need to create your SSID in order to have a unique profile. Unique profiles are not neccessary but are required for certain things like voting, becoming an auditor, etc.

An SSID is a unique ID that PaySwap's auditors create for users of the platform. It is in the format Payswap-YYY-XXXXXXXX where the X's are placeholders for the user's national ID number and the Y's are placeholders for the country code of the issuing country of the user's national ID.

As an auditor, make sure you setup your auditor contract so users can contact you to create their SSIDs. Please follow the guide on the page below to learn more about doing that:

SSID Audits

Once you've done that and user has contacted you, make sure you get the user's X's and Y's.

In case you were to deliver a fake SSID to a user, your auditor bounty can get claimed. Some users might even purposely try to trick you into delivering them fake SSIDs so they can claim your bounty afterwards.

Make sure you know how to recognize a legitimate national ID from a user's country before even attempting to create SSIDs for users from that country.

Once you have your user's legitimate information (country code, national ID number, date of expiration of national ID number), you can create his/her SSID following the steps below:

  • Make sure your user has created his/her SSI account following the guide on this page

  • Make sure your user has created his/her PaySwap profile following the guide on this page

  • Get your user's SSI account address & profile ID and then go to your SSI page

  • Click on the Make an Entry button to go to the page below

  • Enter your user's wallet address in the first field

  • Then enter ssid into the question field and your user's ssid into the answer field

  • Pick General as the Entry Type, enter your user's profile ID followed by your ID, today's date and the expiration date of your user's national ID card

  • Validate and confirm the transaction.

The next step after this is to generate your user's identity token. Go to your SSI page, you should be able to see the SSID you've just created under Audited tab.

Click on the ssid panel to go to the page below. You cannot decrypt the data since only the data owner can but that should not be a problem since it is the same SSID you've just created.

Click on the Generate Data button and fill in the same exact SSID you've entered in the steps above, make sure you also tick Yes for the Are You The Auditor field and then validate the transaction.

Your user should now be able to see the identity token you've just created on his/her profile page under the NFTs > SSI tab like in the image below

Get further support from the community here.

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